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  1. It's been a long time since I've visited TLB, my mother has come down with a bout of dementia which has meant we have been unable to use our beloved bay. Pretty much for the last 10 months it has hardly moved as we have been unable to get away, now I can't even leave the house any more, I've even had to pack in working to look after her. It looks like we're in this for the long haul now so the bay must go. We did take her to the VW show at Bodlwyddan yesterday to try and sell her, a 100 mile round trip and she behaved faultlessly as she has the entire time we've owned her, not even in France did she manage to break down or misbehave.

    The van really is a cracker, whoever buys her will rest assured be getting a good solid reliable van, other than a respray in early 2014 it has had no bodywork restoration done at all

    She's for sale on ebay,

    My bottom line on this is £16500 so if your interested either PM me for details to come and view or send a message on ebay

    I'm up in Anglesey BTW
    DSC00032.JPG DSC01113a.jpg DSC00536.JPG DSC00053.jpg DSC00054.jpg
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    I like the bus not your situation , glws
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    If you're not selling it for financial reasons, why not find somewhere safe and dry and spend a little time laying it up. It sounds like you and your family are going through very tough times and you may find you'll be grateful you still have it in a few years time.
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  4. We thought this ourselves for the last year but this could last 10 years, physically my mother is in great shape, I really don't want to keep her sat there that long. To be honest I doubt I could afford to keep her serviceable that long on the massive £62.70 a week the government pay me to look after my mother. It is really better if someone else can enjoy her while she is still in good nick
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    Yes, obviously that's a decision only you can make. It didn't seem right to press the "Like" button for your post.
    Good luck with the sale, it's a lovely looking van so someone's going to get a cracking bus.
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  6. ahh shame glws!
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  7. In my case your down in Angelsey :rolleyes:, GLWS looks a cracker !
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    Can you keep it at all? My mum had Alzheimer's and although I was away in Spain most of the time I could see how hard it was for my dad. It sounds like you will be full on with your mum but there are times when you will need respite for your own well being. Keeping the van may give you an outlet for when you need a break?

    If not, good luck with the sale, and lots of luck with your mum.
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  9. I know your for sale add may not be the place to post this but I have had a lt of help from forum members on a similar subject ( selling van) I can also speak a little on your current position with your mum and her dementia.

    I took seven years to restore my van, its not perfect, I want it to be, Its not as nice as yours.. You wont be able to replace it .. where am I going with this ,, My mum died 2 weeks ago, her funeral service was yesterday, She passed after several years with dementia. I had planned to get the van on the road and take my old mum and dad away for the odd day here and there, lighten the load for my old fella and stimulate what senses my mum had left by giving her as many experiences as possible. Unfortunately my mother started to have falls and having went into respite she fell and broke her hip. This was the beginning of the end for her . Her brain was muddled and her body was now hobbled. She followed the classic path of dementia with associated physical injury and passed within a year .. Im sure a lot of this got on top of me and I just had it with the van. So far since she passed away I have made loose plans to take my old fella away and me and the wife have had a couple of great days, including today, away in the van simply escaping from the pressure of the responsibility that falls on he family when an elderly parent is struck with this devastating disease. Its really really difficult to get to grips with this disease but take time to scrape up all the information you can. Visits will get difficult and harder still if your mum has to go into care as my mother unfortunately had to. The decision to do this was devastating but it was the right one as a constant stream of home carers wasnt working for her or my dad . We sought the best care establishment we could for her, but the day she went in she fought and resisted, but had no real idea where her home was.. It was in her mind a clear memory of a tenement building she lived in as a young girl, that was the "home" she wanted to return to when she asked to go home.. I used to ask her where she stayed now and she could clearly tell me the full address of that residence she left over 70 years previously.. Some time she would speak in the present and it made us wonder at these times if she was just a wee bit confused, but as soon as she had a moment of clarity, all to soon it was passed . Above everything else, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. There is nothing you can do to prevent the progression of this disease.. Youll get a lot of fun from your mum if you remember she operates on a new dimension now.. You need to plug into that and understand that what is history to you is now her present ... most of the time .. so the more you learn about her past the more you will be able to communicate with her... I want to go home, is something yu are going to hear a lot, and often this will come with asking where her mum and dad are .. That's a tricky one.. We used to tell her they were at work and that she was safe with us..Basically hold onto your van, take your old mum on short journeys, she soon wont remember them any way, but the stimulatin will ease the stress she will be going through .. some days she will know things are not quite right but wont be able to put her finger on it.. activity is good.. but toward the end as she becomes more ill and gets tired less is more :(

    Believe ne when I say I have every sympathy for your mum and wish you all the strength in the world to deal with the road ahead.. your going to need that van, trust me.


  10. Heartfelt and honestly very true and it is what it is but you have to adjust and move on as time ticks away.
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  11. It is a difficult and sad situation but one which many family members find themselves in. Good on you to want to do the caring but are there others around to support you and share the caring, so you can have time for yourself.

    You said your Mum is confined to home but you don't want to be confined as well as that would not be good for you.

    Giving up your job was a big step to take and I think giving up your van would be too much giving up for you.

    Presumably money has a lot to do with selling as with no job now you are receiving a modest benefit instead which is tough.

    From what has been said it sounds that Dementia gets progressively worse and you may not be able to provide the caring at some point.

    Your van is very nice and it should fetch a good price, but when its gone, its gone and I can't help feeling you will regret it.

    If I were you I would seek help and counselling to help you decide how best to care for your Mum and at the same time get your own life back.

    I hope our posts are helpful.
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  12. Not sure how to mark this as sold but it is. It sold to Terry who is currently driving her back to his home in sunny Norway after a bit of a hiccup with a faulty coil which was the only bit of bother it's had since we bought her

    Ironically, in the days after we agreed the sale my mum had a real bad patch and social services had to get he into a home PDQ for her own safety. Bleedin marvellous!! :mad:
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    I've sorted it.
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  14. 21Window

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    Shame you had to of my old imports - that is a lovely bus - it was great to meet you both and I hope your Mum is comfortable, well cared for and getting the care she needs. All the best Colin. Dan
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  15. Hi Dan
    A shame indeed, she was a cracking van, never let us down, we were gutted to have to sell her. I can honestly say we had some of the best holidays with her. She got so much attention everywhere we went, even some of the campsites in France gave us a free bottle of wine because they liked it so much.

    Ah well such is life, mum seems to be happy in the home, I suppose having people her own age helps. Horrible thing dementia, I had no idea it could be like it was, I always thought it was just a loss of memory

    Good to hear from you Dan, I hope all is well with you
  16. Merlin Cat

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    Glad you've sold it (if it was necessary) shame it's gone now that your mum is in a home. Hopefully it is better for all of you. Some homes are well geared up for dementia and have activities, especially musical ones that fill with dementia respond to well.
    Maybe you can buy another one soon?

    Good luck x
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