FOR SALE 1933 Raleigh Gent Push Bike

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  1. As title says. Saved from being turned into war effort metal, as hidden in a loft. The owner came back from the war and gave it to his nephew, a Mr Jim Garret at the age of 15. Jim sold it to me about 8 years ago. He couldn’t ride it anymore becuase of his knees.(in his 80’s). In the 50’s it was fitted with a different sturmey archer gear lever, in the 70’s, it saw to new ‘plastic’ mudguards as the originals fell off!
    I have lightly restored it as an air raid wardens bike. Thanks for looking, I want £150.00 for it. 2EAB7D7E-FE17-4FEB-8A66-FAC6C889CA83.jpeg 252160D2-D32C-4CA0-9B67-31A674877977.jpeg
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  2. Original Brooks leather saddle.
  3. Who's was that Jame's Herriot!
  4. No. An old guy called Jim Garret. His uncle gave it to him, when he came back from WWII. The bike survived the war scrap metal effort, it was hid in the loft.Jim sold it to me around 10 years ago when he was 85. He rode it right up that age. In the 60’s, it had a new Sturmey Archer gear lever fitted. In the 70’s, it had two new ‘plastic’ mudguards as the originals rusted off. I’ve rebuilt it with new Raleigh Record tyres like the originals, new brake blocks, too. Everything else is original. It’s rideable, and really easy, becuase of the strange forwards sloping frame. In 1933, it was £24.00!. I modelled it on an Air raid wardens bike.
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