1,000 miles door to door & Daisy-Mae behaved perfectly :)

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  1. ... that's excluding the miles the ferries did! :)

    17 nights away with out anycamper issues, very happy people!

    Took the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander (the bay of biscay was as flat as a pancake!) and then worked our way back up to Caen and took the ferry back to Portsmouth, saw loads of Bays too :)

    I'll sort campsite reviews soon ... just need to finish catching up with the washing :(
  2. Looking forward to the pictures DM :thumbsup:
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  3. bernjb56

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    Sounds like an interesting journey - reviews would be great :)
  4. Sounds like a good first overseas trip for our restored bus......but that will be next year.
  5. :TTIWWP:

    well done on your trip :thumbsup:
  6. WHS
    just been looking at the same journey for next year. Did you do the two night ferry or the one night. Was the ferry bit enjoyable. Got as far south as the Dune and done santander towards portugal and a round the coast trip to marbella and back but not done the basque region. fancy this!
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