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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by zedders, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Cheeky, but true. :)
    Now rebuilding it again on yet another software so I can host at my .co.uk address.
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  2. No need to rebuild again just point your co.uk to that site

    All very easy.
  3. Slick site
  4. Can't be done sadly.
  5. That "zeds" logo would make a pretty sweet rear window sticker..
  6. can you not transfer the .co.uk domain name by DNS? I've just done this on my Wix site
    Login to your .co.uk domain host's website (123 Reg, or whatever)
    login into your control panel
    click on manage
    click on transfer DNS (or equivalent)
    where it says "new DNS" insert "NS1.WIX.COM" and in the box below insert "NS2.WIX.COM"

    then go to your wix site and point to the site (ie your new website.com) you wish the .co.uk domain to be associated with

    have a look here @zed
  7. Ah, but you probably pay them. :)
  8. £7 a month you tightwad:D
  9. Who hosts the domain name?
  10. crikey, it's like project after project.fair play fella, more tin worm than you can shake a er grinder at.:thumbsup:
  11. It's what people want. :)
  12. It's not the host that's the problem, it's Wix. They supply a very good online visual webside builder and want their piece of flesh.

    Problem solved now using Adobe Muse 30 day free trial to remake from scratch. Only one problem though, Muse makes HTML that works, but would baffle a geek. :lol:

    So anyway, I'm now back to hosting my own site, I'll remake the Wix one as a re-director in case anyone bookmarked it.

    New site www.zedsbusgarage.co.uk


    I have no way of checking the mobile site so I expect that's gone haywire...
  13. Looks great on an iPhone :)
  14. On the new link? That's odd as I haven't published the mobile version, so maybe you're looking at a reduced desktop one. Any chance of a screenshot? My mobile is rather old and doesn't internet...
  15. Using zedsbusgarage.co.uk

    It's a smaller version of the desktop version... I think

  16. @Razzyh looks nice but too small to read? I'll have to rebuild all the pages again.
  17. No it's fine as you just zoom in


    It's always going to be like this unless you get a dedicate mobile site.
  18. Just doing it, can't have you having to zoom and pan about. :)
  19. That's a nice green westy. ;)

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