Winter project. Meet Niknak the T3 hightop.

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Zebedee, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Don't you count those deeply pitted areas as rust?
  2. I might make myself a metal folder except i have no where to put or use it. :(
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  3. Few more bits made. Made the usual blood sacrifice to the garage gods too. :rolleyes:

    Just needs a 90 degree bend for the flange on the end.

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  4. Just finished one of those but worse, inner and outer sills plus all 4 arches, had enough now I’m not doing any more T25s
  5. Nice work. Looks the same Marsala red this one is (under the cack respray).
    I've someone locally who wants me to do theirs after i finish Nicks. I've looked at it and it needs inner and outer sills, jacking points, B pillars, repairs to both front and back arches, cab steps, rear corners and some repairs to the windscreen pillars and round the side windows. Its also in need of the whole electical system looking at as half the stuff doesn't work. I've had to pass it up as even through they've not got a timescale for the work to be done its not something i'd want to tackle outside.
    Looks like its gonna be sold on again as a project at a loss as they can't find anyone willing to work on it. :(
  6. Sounds about standard for these, I’ve done 5 now all pretty much the same. It’s a lot of work in a workshop let alone outside.
    I’m not doing any more full resto’s for customers they take to long and not worth it!
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  7. I can quite understand that.
    I'm just doing a few small jobs on them for friends for beer money. I still quite fancy another bay but theres only 6ft of height in the garage. :(
    I'm planning on building an enclosed carport down the side of the garage but the cost of timber has gone stupid since i built my last one. I also need some of the space to keep Moby, so 8ft wide is about the maximum it could be and that'd be a squeeze.
    1Untitled-1 copy.jpg

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