Winnie the Poo (update: seals, h./ex, afr)

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  1. Nice work @rob.e glad to hear winnie is running better. Could you possibly share link to 123 advice please just to make sure mine is set up as good as yours!
  2. It's in the little booklet that comes with the pack - available here on line too:


    Ratwell's comments ref how to set type 4 timing:

    Also made sure the new plugs going in were correctly gapped (0.6mm) as they don't come like that out of the box.

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  3. Thanks @rob.e star man! I’ll have to give the bus a good run and then see about settin timing at 3000rpm if it’s not so good. Can you tell the difference between 0 & 9 setting on the 123 dizzy?
  4. Sourced a good used lhd steering box locally for £100 quid. Looked mint, didn't seem to be much slop when i turned it by hand and the aduster wasnt' all they way i so i thought i'd give it a go. The TRW /varga box i fitted back in 2014 (page 6) ran out of adjustment and was getting heavier and heavier, so time to swap back to a proper vw /zf box. I guess the cheese they use to make the TRW box got to the end of its "best before" date.

    Oem zf vw box on the left with the red oil cap. TRW / Varga box on the right.

    OEM VW (ZF) steering box vs. TRW
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    Not an easy job to swap. I'd read that the box will be removable WITH the pitman still attached, but on mine there was a spreader plate against the chassis rail which meant the pitman wouldn't go through - some "massaging" of the spreader plate and loud swearing and i managed it in the end.

    The "new" vw box is much lighter (fresh oil maybe helps too?) so way nicer to drive. Needs a little minor adjustment but a trip over to Shuttleworth over the weekend / 130 miles and it was great, even with the roundabout-hell that is Milton Keynes.

    In the camping at shuttleworth, my brother showing off his new ride - also german with a flat engine behind you but a little quicker than the vw.. couple of nice splitscreens there this weekend too.

    by Rob E, on Flickr
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  5. Yeah, feels like it has a turbo :)

    No, only joking - hard to tell really, feels smoother i think with 9 but tbh i think that's probably more placebo than science.?
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  6. We took chilli out for his first camping trip last weekend. So exciting after 5 years of restoration and we loved it, even the uncomfortable bed! I feel he’s not running to his full potential though so have a few things to look at. It does feel like you are quite a few steps ahead of me so your exploits are so so handy for me to keep going forwards! Hopefully my bus will run as well as yours soon. Keep up the good work!
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  9. looking good, as always! :D
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  10. Cheers Mark - as aways you come back with a list of stuff to do.. :)

    The new (well, 40 yrs old but new to me) steering box is way better than the rubbish TRW box i took off a few weeks ago, needs adjusting though and the nut is siezed.. will have a go this weekend to try and free that off.

    Beam needs re-greasing - squeaking like a b'stard over every bump.. that's me getting filthy again shortly. :D
  11. Some great pics there rob
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  12. Love a bit of Devon! Putsborough is lovely. :)

    Great photos.
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  13. Exactly and always little niggly bits!

    We have an earth issue somewhere, if we park Gusbus in the garage he always starts, park on a campsite etc, sometimes nothing, sometimes a really lazy start, whichever way, a pain in the ass :eek:
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  14. I'm overdue an update here, so will aim to post some stuff over the next week or so.

    Since i posted back in Sept ^ i managed to free off the adjuster on the "new" oem steering box and adjust it properly - its now lovely to drive. Beam re-greased too.

    MOT in Feb didn't go so well though as both of the front calipers had been getting progressively stickier over time, so MOT man said they weren't good enough. I know i could prob get them re-built but i opted for some new ones, fitted up with braided Goodridge hoses too for good measure.

    Not going anywhere right now due to lock down so i'm going to get on with some other jobs that i've prepared for but not got around too:

    I'm currently mid-way through fitting the NOS triangle flange heat exchangers i've had in the garage for some time. Will post some pics shortly, but in the mean time (with the h-ex off the bus giving me more room) i pulled the old leaky oil dipstick bellows off so i can replace this with the new "viton" seal i bought from TLB some time back.

    Dipstick tube seal
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    As you can see, the old seal is brittle and split. Hopefully with the new one in place i'll have less leaking. :)
  15. I don't know how everyone else is finding so much time in lock down to do stuff, i'm busier than ever.. have a list of things i want to do on the bus but work / family / house diy always seems to get in the way :)

    I did make a start on swapping the heat exchangers over - i've had a couple of good ones sat in the garage for some time ready to swap for the rusty hole ones i have on right now.

    What a b*starrd of a job! Every bolt is rusted solid and needs the grinder. Flanges are all distorted like bananas so need straightening out and filing flat before refitting.

    Only one side done so far, a few pics:

    Heat exchanger update
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    a few close ups showing the rust and holes -not as bad as some i've seen on here (@MorkC68 :) ) but still not a surprise that the heating was rubbish:

    Rust holes :)
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    Holes in og heat exchanger
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    Need to get the other side done now.

    I've also picked up a set of black heritage wheels, originally fitted to A5 2012-2019 "new" beetle. Only done a trial fit so far, need to order up some tyres. SWMBO says she likes shiny hubcaps :)

    heritage 17"wheel
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    heritage 17" wheel
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    I'm thinking 195 45 17 on the front so i can have correct 85xl load rating, and maybe 215 50 on the back with 95xl which is more than enough and keeps the rolling radius/ gearing spot on.
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  16. @Moons ahs fitted menu wheels recently(ish) so knows the deal with offsets and spacers etc.

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  17. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    I know I needed 10mm spacers on the front where most people say you don’t need them, also had 10mm spacers on the back.
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  18. Caddy steels ...they were lovely

  19. :D every time!

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