Winnie the Poo (update: bump stops)

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  1. another play around with a different rim - American Racing Torq Thrust, 16" would need some work to get these to fit but i've always liked torq thrusts. just have the one rim at the moment to see how/if it would work.

    Torq Thrust M black 16x7 ET35 5x114.3
    by Rob E, on Flickr
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  2. They suit the colour of your Bus.
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  3. Yes! I like TorqThrusts :thumbsup:
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  4. @rob.e first dibs on your orbit wheels ;-)
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  5. Wow, first trip out since June last year.

    I met up with a bunch of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew folks on Sat - nice turnout and a great location - Wendover Woods nr Aylesbury. Never been there before but might plan a trip back at some point.

    by Rob E, on Flickr

    Enjoyed the run so much that i was enthused on my return to give the bus a long over due service - oil, filter, valve gaps etc. Took it out later in the evening for a more enthusiastic run only to be a bit disappointed it seems to be running too rich on full throttle.. did some reading up on carb jetting and i've ordered a few slightly smaller jets to try out - hopefully that will resolve it.
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  6. Rear Bump Stops:

    Since my bus was lowered a few years back it's had the factory bump stops in place but cut down so only only of the rubber "blobs" remains. Although this works fine it does limit the amount of travel i have at the rear - the stop is bigger than it needs to be basically. Rather than chop it down even more i've removed the oem rubber stop and fitted a generic stop/ pad that i can adjust the height. I experimented with this a bit to find a good position that allows as much travel as possible but the stop still comes into play before anything else suspension related comes into contact with the chassis. Once i got the height right I replaced the temporary stop with a "cone" one so the stop comes into play gradually.

    rear bump stop
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    As you can see, the stop is on a M8 bolt so i can swap out for a longer/ shorter one if needed in the future.

    Front Bump Stops:

    My aftermarket beam never came with any bump stops - i think this is pretty normal for narrowed/ aftermarket beams. As my bus isn't that low i don't really get much of an issue with the tyre contracting the arch - it does, but very rarely, only when fully loaded and hitting a particularly nasty dip in the road. Still, its' always niggled me that it shouldn't be that hard to work out a solution to resolve this..?

    I did some CAD work (cardboard aided design) and i'd pretty much worked out that replicating something similar to the oem bump stop would be the best solution. I managed to source / repurpose a bracket made by a hot rod fabrication shop and with some trial and error i worked out where this could be mounted so it didnt' conflict with anything, and the bumper could land in the correct place on the pad thing on the lower arm.

    As with the rear, i first fitted this up with an adjustable stop to get the position right, then replaced the temporary adjustable stopper with a cone type for a more gradual interaction.

    First go - adjustable stop for testing and getting the location and height setup:
    Adjustable Front Bump Stop
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    .. and as it is now, with a cone type rubber:

    front bump stop
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    On the pics it looks really close to the damper but there is plenty of clearance - the suspension is at full droop in the pics so at normal ride height the damper would be further back so more room.

    So, i now have the max suspension travel possible, with bump stops in place both front and back. Don't know if anyone else is interested but hey, it makes me happy.

    I know some of you will say "should have left it stock" but that ship sailed long ago :D
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  7. I'm thinking the black wheels don't really work very well against the brown, plus the black seems to get "lost" a bit.. going to try a dark silver. ebay rattle can in the garden...:

    Dark silver Heritage wheels
    by Rob E, on Flickr
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  8. It'll be interesting to see if it's fixings survive, there's a lot of levered force on them if you hit a good bump.
  9. yep, 100 miles on them so far and no signs of any issues. its not going to take the full weight of the bus, as by the time this comes into play the suspension is already taking a big part of the load but yes you're right, would still be a significant force.

    The beam bit of the bump stop is C section folded steel so should be pretty strong. the mounts are 3x m8 bolts - i did look to see if i could have a bigger base plate to spread the load but if i went any bigger i would not be able to bolt through the beam - where this is right now i can easily access the back of the beam end plate to get the nuts on. if needed i could add a triangular brace above them in the future..

    Painting bump stops
    by Rob E, on Flickr
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