Winnie the Poo (update: afr/ wheels )

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  1. ^ my very talented 11 yr old did a lovely little video of us arriving at our campsite in Dorset during the summer.
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  2. Damper bolts.

    Not that exciting but i noticed whilst fitting my bilsteins that i was missing any sort of washer on the rear dampers - like, there were none at all, top or bottom. Bentley shows two lock washers on the upper mount, and a flat washer and spring washer on the bottom bolt.

    If you look at the pics posted earlier in the thread there wasn't room to add these with the existing (i'm guessing oem) bolt - the aftermarket anti roll bar takes up some room and the rubber bushing on the bilsteins is a bit fatter than the boge dampers i had on previously so i did some research and got some longer bolts.

    These are 100mm 10.9 (high tensile) M12 bolts, 1.75 pitch J20802 from JK, fitted up with some new high tensile nuts. Enough space to have the correct washers in place and a few mm to spare.

    lower damper bolts renewed
    by Rob E, on Flickr
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  3. Hooked up the Bluetooth AFR gauge. Even though the sensor seemed like it might be too close to the tailpipe to be effective it’s works fine.

    short vid to show it working on my iPhone. Quick test drive shows is rich as I suspected :) new jets will be ordered shortly.

    also got some new wheels I’m getting ready (not a straightforward fitment) should be done in a few weeks.. test fitted a rear yesterday and happy these are going to be great and look super cool.

  4. Dampers still look to be attached too which is good, must have done that right :)
  5. That looks like a good set up
    Me Not having had a 2ltr before I now know what they are supposed to sound like and I have no idea how to upload videos:rolleyes:

    And those rims will be an improvement on the old ones me think s:thumbsup:
    I might buy some more flat 4 alloys when money/wife permits .
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  6. Adding videos is easy when you know how - just add them to YouTube then copy the url. Paste the url in a post on here and it knows to automatically show as a video.
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  7. [​IMG]
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    Torq Thrust wheels are now 5x112 and blasted :)
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  8. Wheels look ace Rob!
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