What is the difference between 1972 Rear bumper brackets and prototype

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sam maxworthy, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. I have an early Rear bumper to fit to my late bay will I need the cross over brackets or will the early ones be okay I wasn’t sure if it was the underneath that’s different or the bumpers are slightly different.
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  2. You may have noticed there is a word substitution thing going on at this forum.:rolleyes::D
  3. :lol:
    Oh yeah haha guess I’ve never realised, is that a swear word or something in the late forum
  4. The brackets and the bumper are specific to cr0ssovers. Although an early bumpers mounting holes can be redrilled to the correct spacing.
    The rear brackets are completely different to both early and late and are made from a mixture of rocking horse poo and unobtainium, or they were when I needed a pair and paid £150 for them. @davidoft might have some.
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  5. davidoft

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    I’m getting thin on spares like that :(
  6. Did you have any early ones or should I just get new they’re only about £20 each
  7. davidoft

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    I’ve got some early ones , wold have to check if front or rear , which do you need ?
  8. Rear please if possible
  9. @davidoft if you’ve got two more rear bumper mounts after max has had his, I’d be interested. There’s a towbar I’d like to remove that makes the bumper sit too far back and causes the edges of the bumpers to gouge the bodywork :eek:
    If you don’t have 4 off, nvm I can buy new ones.

    Btw I’m also after the splash trays which were also removed during the towbar fitting. :(
  10. davidoft

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    cross over or prototype ?
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  11. Early :)
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