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  1. I didn't fit a heater when I did my conversion to keep cost s down and I've got my Chinese diesel heater also
    But been looking at them again
    Where have you fitted them and which one I see three options at moment
    This is cheapest ,100mm outlet ,and small
    This ones bigger and 100mm outlet but more kw
    This one s the most money ,most kw ,and slightly bigger but multiple outlets
  2. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    For perspective I have a 5kw Webasto in my 60ft boat - it heats 5 double radiators, a towel rail, the hot water and it's too powerful.
    1.7kw eber in van is also too powerful.
    Get the smallest one you can find. :thumbsup:
  3. My diesel heaters a 2kw and while parked does get the bus very toastie
    But it's not so good while moving which makes me think more kw would be better
  4. PIE


    I know you are using your heater when driving so its different but my experience is that any heater with a fan drags your battery down fast if not hooked up, if you are hooked up you can use a silent fan heater, I was always worried about the fan heater falling over even though it had a tilt safety device but I see now you can get these small ones that actually fit in the plug socket, I have never even seen or used one but if they are as good as they say I might give one a go
  5. The Chinese heaters are good when parked up can easily manage a few nights (uses a lot of amps to start up but once running use next to nothing ) without hookup
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  6. Poptop2

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    I fitted one of those on my T4 and had no leisure battery it never ran the battery down once after using it all night they're very battery friendly.
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  7. Zed

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    Maybe you need to fix the draughts then? I remember my Westy was freezing until I got a new sliding door seal that didn't have the bottom section missing - what a difference!
  8. @pkrboo would give you a good recommendation on a heater matrix to use with the scooby engine
  9. I think either of the 3 will work well it's where people have fitted them I think above the under belly rad pack is a good place but it's a bit of a pain to drop the rad pack of but not impossible
    Or fit it further forward
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    As you’ve mentioned I think most are fitted ahead of the rad pack, the 4.3kw one can be fitted within the front pedal pan - but does need some creativity/braketry and trimming of the handbrake bracket to get it to fit, (mine is RHD), I’ve fitted mine here…for when I might get it finished 1 day!


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  11. Where yours is was my first thought all though I am LHD the bracketry bit won't be a problem as I have a good supply of Ali angle/plate/sheet
    I'd like it above the rad pack it's nice and out the way well enclosed just don't fancy taking the rad pack off
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    Nip round and look at Majors set up Ste?
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  13. Might nip up Saturday Tina's at work so I get a day off lol
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    :lol: we're in Edinburgh from Thursday morning :eek:
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  15. Not to worry I ll come the weekend after
    90% sure I am dropping the rad pack off and putting it up there
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    That's fine, I'm sure we'll WhatsAp one another beforehand :)
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