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  1. Ordered a little part after a few drinkies on Sunday and forgot all about it.
    Just received email from them to tell me that my order is now complete!
    I say again, Wow that is impressive!
    Five days to what?
    Pick my part up from a shelf?
    Or perhaps it has been handcrafted, lovingly made as a one off,
    rolled twixt the tanned thighs of an Austro Hungarian babe.
    I can hardly contain my excitement, although if it arrives before Xmas,
    I'll probably celebrate with a drugs binge at an undisclosed location.
    That's Westfaliasparesuk
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  2. Four days.......
    Monday was a bank holiday ;)
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  3. OK a good point, well made - but Cotswolds outdoors managed to deliver another drunken order on Tuesday.
  4. I can only imagine that your item was on a high up shelf, and the relevant H&S form filling took time.
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  5. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Get a grip and read my lips...

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  6. Still not here
  7. They took a while with a new tap I ordered last month, but when it came it was exceptional quality. Def worth the wait.
  8. Arrived this morning in a 'signed for' packet I didn't have to sign for.
    It works, it fits nicely but I think it will be improved with a bit of insulating tape around the van end to stop it rattling a bit.

    Does anyone know if these are OK to use on the move or will I die?
  9. We don't know what it is that you ordered.....
  10. Arse biscuits - it's a tailgate stand - off thing.
  11. davidoft

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    You will die and the inside of your vsn will stink of exhaust fumes and then you will die when those fumes leach our whilst your asleep, it will be bad :eek:
  12. no its for when parked up only

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