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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Lookinglost101, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Hi. My ‘79 Westfalia canvas is in need of replacement. 2 reasonable rips where the front lift frame has worn through the canvas. Having done the research in the site I’m going to plum for a Schofield over a VWNLA replacement.

    As much as I think I’m good at ‘tinkering’ I have to recognise my failings as hard as that may be! I think the job needs someone with experience along with access to any additional parts required once all has been stripped down. Also I’m wondering about replacing the frame with hydraulic struts to prevent the same happening again.

    Any recommendations to do the work in the Gloucestershire or surrounding counties would be appreciated. Thanks

    All the best.
  2. It’s not that difficult is it?
  3. Two people and a good staple gun it's doable but an uneven thing to carry so take your time
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    It’s a lot easier if you take the bed in the roof out, it’s not hard to get them out.

    Also, don’t do it in this heat you’ll die.
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  5. Might have to dig deep, find space, second person & research staple guns. Will get there in the end. Thanks

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