WANTED Westfalia gas cooker tap

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if anyone has or knows where i can get one of these gas taps from a Westfalia cooker. It sticks on when hot and once cooled can be turned off.

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    It might be possible to re pack the gland where the control shaft comes out of the tap. The two screws and a plate cover over something like a coated string wrapped round the shaft that seals the shaft. Maybe thats what is sticking. Its on the downstream side of a low pressure gas valve and is only exposed to any pressure when the burner is on, so it doesnt have to work too hard to seal . Graphited/greased string ?
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  3. I have one
  4. Is it for sale and if so how much

    thanks Stuart
  5. Yes it’s the complete 2 burner stuff from my westy ( I changed to the 3 knob inc crumpet toaster ) I did mean to take a pic as it’s at work but £20 plus post . I can send a pic Tuesday when back in work
  6. If you can take a pic that would be great and hopefully it’s the same and we can sort something out.
  7. My Westie cooker had a leak and a gas engineer friend stripped it down and used some old tinned magic grease and hey presto leak gone .Could you show the top of your hob .Mine was also. the two ring type with the fittings for the crumpet /muffin toaster .Although my hob flames always seem a bit weak ?
  8. IMG_5644.jpeg IMG_5645.jpeg
  9. Hi mate looks the same don’t suppose you have the rest
  10. No . I thought you wanted a valve ?
    The rest I’m using
  11. It was a just in case. So is it all of that for £20 plus postage
  12. yes
  13. Ok great how’s best to pay etc

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