Westfalia Continental Malaga and Oxford register

Discussion in 'Type 2 History' started by Moons, Feb 6, 2023.

  1. Likewise but if I could sell mine for that it would be gone .
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  2. Agreed, when I saw the asking price I was expecting something "new old stock" that had been sat in a Garage unused and in as new condition!
    It still has 73k miles on it for goodness sake, I reckon it's about £20k overpriced at £55k. I suppose everyone's always trying to find that one loaded sucker..., I blame the celebrity interest in VW buses, it's done the scene no good at all.
  3. Moons

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    The Celebes moved on from campers a good 10 years ago….they all arrive by Range Rover and plonk their arses in glamping pods and yurts!
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  4. Seinfeld, the fat US comedian guy who collects buses and Ewan Mcgregor obviously didn't get the memo on that one lol!
  5. Moons

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    I’m not really buying that list as the zeitgeist driving force of celebs you might imagine.

    I mean, I’ve never been asked if I bought mine because if Ewan McGregor…
  6. Ozziedog

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    Ozziedog,,,,,,,Did you by any chance get your bus because of Ewan McGregor???
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  7. Moons

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    That’s Mr Kenobi to you sunshine…
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  8. I don't suppose many bought a T2 just because of a celebrity having one, I meant more that it sets a higher baseline price as they overpay for them. Thinking about it though, it's mainly splits they seem interested in anyway, rather than lowly bays. ;)

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