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    Guten Morgen!

    Right, I've mentioned a few times on here that I spent a number of years on ebay etc from around 2000 to 2010 looking for Westy's that are RHD with Malaga/Oxford interiors in the hope of finding my dad's old one. I found in 2010 - but that's a different story.

    It wasn't obsessional watching, just if I happened to be looking, so is not exhaustive - however I did write down the reg numbers and the colour of the van at the time it was advertised. Some might be ones I saw at a show or out and about so don't be alarmed if one is yours but has never been for sale.

    I found the post it note with all those reg's on it just now - and thought it better shared on here as a reference rather than under my filing cabinet, unread.

    I don't believe the list is threat to GDPR or personal data - it just has the reg and colour and TAX/MOT status which are all public domain - I don't have the dates, but might give anyone searching their reg number a bit more info maybe.

    The criteria was simple - at the time of the advert the van was a RHD VW Continental with a Malaga interior. These were N reg only from what I can see, I assume the M reg one is an interior transfer or possibly something a bit more dodgy - the gas storage holes in the floor is a giveway I think - though I had mine removed, not knowing they are original (and apparently neither did the VW experts that worked replaced the rusty floor)

    So - here we go:

    GLW 750N - Yellow (now showing as White on DVLA, Tax'd and Mot'd - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    RRU 657N - Orange (Tax'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    GAA 636N - Orange (Tax'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    GHB 82N - Red (now showing as Green on DVLA, Tax'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    GFC 391N - Blue HMRC VATor (now showing as White on DVLA, Tax'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    KMG 251P - Red (Oxford) (Tax'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    YJD 349T - Orange (Oxford) (now showing as Yellow on DVLA, no Tax, no SORN, no Mot (last MOT -2016 - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    GCF 851N - Green/Blue Blue (now showing as White on DVLA, Tax'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    PVW 584M - Purple (now showing as Blue on DVLA, no Tax, no SORN but MOT'd - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    JNA 22N - White (Tax'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    SNR263N - Orange (Tax'd and Mot'd - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    SRL 312N - White (SORN'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    UPP 983N - White (SORN'd, no Mot - info correct at 06/02/2023)
    MHN 551P - Orange
    OYP 281R - Blue (For sale on Ebay 21/04/2023)
    EHG 333S - Orange - Seen in London by @surreyvan on 20/07/2023
    SHY526M - Orange - owned by @Carryoncampers on 01/09/2023

    Please feel free to add yours to the list - I also suspect they were all Orange/White or White when new as pretty much every interior is Orange primarily - but could be wrong.
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    Ok - so since my initial post I've added some brief search info on MOT and TAX.

    It's worth mentioning these vans do not need to be MOT'd by law, or Tax'd - so the prevalence of no MOT's is not significant.

    The good news is that all of them seem to be still in use - I'm surprised by this given RHD van's have had a hard life in damp old Blighty.

    Some seem to have been restored to possibly more original colour pallets since 2010.

    If your van is listed above (I know mine and @Milky 's are) and you want to share more info, please add to the thread - we might be able to build some history for a small corner of VW land.
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    20220806_120621.jpg IMG_2022-01-08-11-17-47-101.jpg IMG_2022-03-05-12-23-16-673.jpg 20220702_102150.jpg 20220702_102250.jpg IMG_2022-01-08-11-17-47-101.jpg 20220521_110234.jpg Thank you for setting up with Malaga thread .Please see pictures of our bus with the deluxe beltline trim , ambulance door step, originally with a working Eberspacher but now removed .1800 Type 4 engine and five rib gearbox . Original bright orange carpet was a bit manky so replaced with similar coloured replacement which was surprisingly very cheap to buy . Now only one hole in the floor for the gas bottle cradle .
  4. Lovely, last time I saw that van ^^^ it was VERY empty...

    Well done

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    Not sure of the relevance but my van a 1970 early ex panel came to me with a Malaga interior installed by a previous owner. ‘Twas sold by me to a northerly person who was restoring a Malaga that had ‘lost’ its interior before he bought it. But,,, any info could possibly be useful info ;)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, No toaster though.:)
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    20230318_084941.jpg 20230318_085030.jpg Discretely toke a photo of this bus near to where I live , it has the full bright orange seats , same interior as mine and the louvre side windows .Just wondering if it is a Malaga or Oxford ?
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    The British import westfalia after 1976 was the so73/11 Oxford conversion, very similar to the Malaga, but with a few differences and sometimes confused with an Helsinki conversion which was usually LH drive. Obviously the Oxford was designed as a right hand drive model and the interior reflects that and the sliding door placement.
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  10. Hiya,been looking for my old bay MYF789P white westy Malaga,obviously had no idea back in that time he was rare,thought they had the toaster!
    found a similar one of ebay but no toaster/crumpet cooker,how do they go missing!?
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    Says its currently taxed, no MOT since 2022 and it's blue.

    My money is on yours actually being an Oxford - the Malaga's were one year only - but they did seem to import a fair few that year - Oxfords are a lot rarer.

    You used to see a fair amount of Malaga bits on ebay - anything not bolted down, or indeed bolted down can go walkies by accident or design.
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    Weren't there a few years after 1973 that Westies were not sold by VW dealerships. My L reg was sold in Kendal 1973. It was built 72. It's a Continental with front hinging roof. When did the vw dealerships start importing the later rear hinge westies. There is an obvious gap I'm sure.
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  14. Here is SHY526M recently by the A82 by Loch Linnhe. Built in 1973, registered 1974. Still has the original interior with fully working cooker and crumpet toaster and as you can see the gas bottle sinks!

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  15. Nice looking bus .Spare wheel on the front actually suits it .Mine originally came with the deluxe rubber inserts /buffers but unsure if i like the look of them ?
  16. Here is “ Boop” SOE 614M built in 73 registered in 74 owned her for 20 years. She’s part of the family was my daily driver for 10 years then kids came along! Had lots of adventures, Family of 5 sleep in her comfortable. All three of my babies have slept in the hammock above the front seats. It’s only this year that my 12 year old son has now moved out into the awning! Love the interior layout. We find the gas bottle storage very handy along with the deep wardrobe.

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