WANTED Westfalia camper

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Rich83, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. A good friend of ours is looking for a campervan, preferably a Westfalia. Budget upto around 12k for the right van.

    Let me know if you can help
  2. Still looking if anyone has any leads
  3. Isnt there a place down Essex that sells Westfalia's.

    Its not Franks Bus parts, although he may know of one.

    Bulli Barn?
  4. davidoft

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    Yeah for like £30k :eek:
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  5. :eek:

    Jeez. I wish I has £3k never mind £30k :lol:
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  6. Just been and looked at one. Okay it was 11k which to me is still a decent sum of money. There was filler cracking off all over :eek:
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  7. davidoft

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    That’s a big amount of money , but not for a camper , I think a lot of people assume the more the money the nicer stuff is, that’s not exactly true

    but £11k is usually a fillered bus , unless your lucky or have lots of time to look
  8. Whereabouts are you based? We are in West Lancs and probably going to be selling ours next year - we're hoping for some final camping in it this year but could be tempted to sell sooner for the right offer.
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  9. Just had a quick look on Car And Classic in case there was anything your friend could have a look at......crikey! Is that what they’re going for now!?!? :eek: Ours was for sale in 2018 :thumbsup:........bit late now I guess :(
  10. That`s what people are asking but not what they`re going for , if at all ;)

    @Jack Tatty remember Gary and the troublesome Dexter ??

    He`s called it a draw with the T2 , sold up and gone for a nice useable T4 for not a lot of money more than he got for the T2 . Cheapo T2`s are around but you`ve got to put in the miles and expect to work on them ...

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  11. davidoft

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    Car and classic is literally the worst place to look for guide prices
  12. We are in Birmingham but distance not too much of an issue for the right van.
  14. Looks a lovely van Pete, my friend wants a rhd one though. :(
  15. Are you still looking for one
  16. Might be selling my Westy Berlin Deluxe

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  17. He's looking at T25s now. Wants to spend around 6/7k
  18. Oh dear ....

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  19. davidoft

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    that’s Marmiteter money unfortunately

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