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  1. You guys...........:rolleyes:
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  2. Wasn't he a nephew of Alec Issigonis, the creator of the Mini et al?

    The comments at the 75 launch were out of character - I wonder why he made them as he must have known the damage they would do just as Jaguar launched the S-Type
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    'First cousin once removed' according to Wiki. What is it with German and Greek families, anybody would think they were royalty:D
    Think this thread has drifted somewhat.:rolleyes:
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  4. Give old Pischetsrieder a bit of a break,the famous F1 incident involved borrowing the car( which was in Munich for industrial espionage, commonly known as 'testing')
    There are no Autobahns around Prien where he lives, so he tried it out at Mach 1 on a country lane, with disastrous results.
  5. My memory might be playing tricks due to old age but didn't you once say that you were responsible for the maintenance of his jet?

    I used to read a lot about him in the motoring press and got the impression that in some ways he was too nice a guy, quite different from Reitzle
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  6. I used to be chief of maintenance of the BMW corporate flight service.
    What you read was correct, Bernd Pischetrieder was ( to me) a really nice low key guy............although my pilots told me he would fire my ass in a heartbeat if anything went wrong.
    Reitzle on the other hand was a prima donna , knocking off a TV presenter at the time, and used to bring her along on business trips.
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  8. we're all sorted now, sorry about the delay, the database was a monster and was corrupt into the bargain. moved to a new server and everything up to date.

    come on over I've got the woodburner on and ill break out the special coconut shag for all you latebayers missing your earlybay fix.

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  9. Still not working as far as I can see @Earlybay , have you changed the URL?
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  12. Working now, cool!
  13. Was working. Nothing now?
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