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    Don't empty you pipe on the carpet. We've just swept it clean ;)
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    You're welcome btw. :thumbsup:
  3. Technically i dont actually feel like a reforeegee thingy tho as i pop in on you crazy lot tho!
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  4. Poptop2

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    Is it still broke then?
  5. Yup - havnt been over there for a while - and its broke - would you adam n eve it!
  6. Poptop2

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    Not really,it's quite a reliable site normally.l
  7. We still got nuffink! But I don't mind playing with this lot as they're all right. Hearts in the right place. I'm flitting about here there and everywhere nowadays. Still can't manage VZI though , it just don't want to let me on. Might have to rejoin maybe.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,too much effort.
  8. That was about garages for certain people payed for by the T2 oc.
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    Wasn't Van/bus fest monies going awol part of it too?
  10. Yes, I think it was. Someone must have found out and all hell broke loose. The beginning of the end of the small T2 oc's event. Great times as well, before H&S moved in and started demanding lights out at dusk and designated measured parking spaces. :(
  11. Hi


    The forum is being moved to a new server, its taking a while but it WILL be back. Thanks for your patience. :)

    The forum and community is strong, the forum is maybe quieter in general but that's just a common trend due to the rise in other social media platforms that have come along. Even so, it will return. Well, we have a big year ahead, don't we? :D

    Thanks to TLB for hosting us in the meantime. :)
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  12. Latest from Johnny -

    i know your missing your fix but we are still having issues with the site, it will still run slowly for a period. i am moving it to a new home as soon as the database can be migrated. this has caused some issues but im working through them. i will keep the board up as long as i can but it will also be down for periods when i need to preserve the database from any changes. So apologies from me and normal service should be resumed very soon.
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  13. I know, it's bizarre, but it could be much, much more cliquey. Fans of Aerodecks and Persona's have always been totally stuffed unless their vehicles were registered within the specified narrow timeframe to become a part of www.jregproton.co.uk
    Although in fairness, it has evolved into one of the coolest forums that I frequent.
  14. JT1



    Can I ask? Your avatar? Why Dr Bernd Pischetsrieder?
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    Blooming heck!! No wonder @Bernard Fishtrousers drives about in a fancy Jaguar :)
  16. Yes, of course you can.
  17. JT1


    Thank you. Ok. So why Bernd Pischetsrieder?
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  18. Bernard Fishtrousers is clearly the proper British pronunciation of Bernd Pischetsrieder, the short lived CEO of Rover cars who sadly derided the excellent 75 at its launch party.

    Obvious I'd have thought.
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  19. Merlin Cat

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    How did you recognise him? Or even know who he was? I had to google him. I thought it was Bernard fish trousers in executive incarnation.
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  20. JT1


    Quite. So silly of me to even ask. Abject apologies etc etc.

    Like Mr Fishtrousers, I remember him as the Anglophile Rover CEO and quite liked him (dissing the 75 aside). Anyone who commutes to work in a McLaren F1 and totals it on a deserted, high speed road, is ok in my book.

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