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    As a newcomer to the scene a few years ago I was surprised there were separate forums for what is essentially the same vehicle and so the merge them makes complete sense as my (limited) experience of other forums isn't the same. MG Midgets with a chrome bumper (or early Midgets) don't have a separate forum from Midgets with rubber bumpers (or late Midgets) - ditto MGBs.
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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    There are dozens of BMW forums but I doubt they'll all merge.
  3. Some time back I posted on the EB forum A similar subject
    I think it was about Late bay guests
    That got mixed reviews also
    I got a firm No mate from a Moderator
    I remember when Bays were just Bays
    This early late stuff came later
    The older owners will remember this
    Also there was
    The VW type 2 owners club but that ended in a war as well if I remember
  4. The BMW owners club has different sections
  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    And this isn't the owners club.
  6. Think I remember, one said they would leave if we merged :rolleyes:
  7. Think it would be good, if it's that quite on there no one should be that bothered, can only be better with more to look at :thumbsup:

    Just don't bring any mentals with you please :)
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    Had my first in 78 it was a 71 crossdresser and always thought lates with their high lights and defo panels were posh!
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  9. That happened on here a little while ago.

    I can't remember the cause. :D
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  10. I spect it was broke.;)
    Ozziedog,, .. getting technical
  11. I remember the consequences of me and @MorkC68 liking a post!
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  12. Don't tell anyone Keith but I just "liked" your post! Since that fateful night, I've frequented our local a little more :beer:
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  13. IMG_0574.JPG
  14. Dunno. what oil do you use?
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  15. I'm tempted to join as I might need a hand with this!!!
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  16. That's a Cross Dresser so you're welcome in both. (or neither, maybe)
  17. 50/50 baby and snake
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  18. You've got a sun visor. What's the problem?
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  19. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Be rad. Lower it and go for a nice shade of magnolia:thumbsup:
  20. Well hello there wink! Ive just gone and looked and its all gone wonkey again! Its your turn to look after us oldies again, thanks chaps and chapesses ;-)

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