Waxoyl/cavity wax - how much?

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Cov1987, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. How much would you expect to pay for a waxoyl/cavity wax job on a 77 late bay? I want it deep orifice (oo err missus) covered to keep the unmolested metalwork good for the future.

    Any recs in the Cambridge area?
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    I've seen people pay £400 - £500 for it.

    My only concern is some prep is better than others and often you have no idea who did what under there....why it might be better to do it yourself with a decent covering on your driveway.
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  3. Thanks. Yes the prep is a concern that is why I was interested in any recs on here so at least I could get it done by somebody who knows wtf they are doing. Unfortunately doing it myself is not an option due to health and the wife might not want to volunteer :) - although even if we did try without a compressor I am not sure how you would get into some off those dark places on a bay.
  4. there was a thread on here a while back....to do it properly takes time, and even then, without an endoscope, you never quite know if it's reached everywhere.....the DIY waxoyl kits are OK, but unless you use higher pressure than the can is capable ofdeveloping safely , and if the waxoyl isn't scalding hot, the spray pattern from the probe is a dribble, rather than an actual 'spray'.....never had it done professionaly, so can't recommend one company over another, but I was fortunate enough to have access to a big (5hp) compressor, and a drum heater when i did mine.
    Schutzfett is a better product than Waxoyl IMO, but guess it does the same job....
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  5. i think someone on here is a rep for Bilt Hamber....so you may get a TLB discount
  6. I've always used waxoyl for classic cars.I'll check out schutzfett.
  7. Is that a company or product ?:confused:
  8. both.....its a range of products from bilt hamber, called bilt hamber.....:D
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  9. A number of us on TLB have used the Bilthammer products tend to get very good reviews in the classic car press. I've done most of my cavities with their aerosol better sprayed in warm weather.
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  10. No problem...if you reckon you'd struggle, it's worth paying a pro....ask them what they use...if it's some unknown s h i t e then it's probably dodgy job....ask @paradox about it....
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    I used Bilt Hamber Dynax S-50 and found it really easy to apply, especially if you join the application lances together, I think @paradox did the same.
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  12. I have just taken my van to Rustbusters in Spalding. They charged £400 plus VAT for the full rust treatment. Time will tell but my impression is that they have done a great job.
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  13. Thanks for replying, getting an idea on how much this costs now. Did they tell you what they used?
  14. Sorry I dont know but it is all described on their website. It is all their own stuff, they distribute it country wide but they only do the work in Spalding. Takes 2 days, get the impression they are very thorough. Very long waiting list to get yopur vehicle in - i had to wait 5 or 6 months and they are booked up until Sept.
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  15. Thanks I will check them out.

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