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  1. The above comment was not meant to be taken literally, do not set fire to anything of his.
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  2. @Lord Congi
    I do like a serial posting with some immediacy!
    Don't worry I'm not a pyromaniac :)
    Scrapping was fine given that the bus and work were documented first.
    It also meant I could sell cuts from where no work had been done ... which at least paid me back what I'd spent on buying it in 2005 (Edit: 2011) ... so a degree of closure on MY first mistake.
    I'm only going to sue if Trading Standards tell me it's a sound proposition. :hattip:
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  3. Update:
    One small step .....
    Consumer Advice are limited, in what they can advise on, to all the PRE court proceedures.
    A court will be looking to see whether I've been through those proceedures.
    These would be:
    "Apply for price reduction"
    "Apply for a refund"
    "Offer the opportunity to re-do the work"
    "Ask for 65 Deluxe's complaints proceedure"
    "Seek an Alternative Dispute Resolution"
    Because the advisor considered it to be a clear cut case of multiple issues under the Supply of goods and services act / work and materials (and umderstood that the option of offering 65 Deluxe the opportunity to re-do the work was irrelevant given my having "lost faith") Trading Standards will be informed of my report by Consumer Advice, and act accordingly.
    Meanwhile people seem to have picked up on this case and are getting in touch to see why exactly I wouldn't recommend 65 Deluxe.
    As to whether there's any point in going to court if all else fails, that remains to be seen.

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