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  1. All I am trying to point out is the law isn't clear cut and that you should go into any 'legals' with your eyes wide open and aware that there will be barriers and perhaps legal technicalities to overcome if you are to be successful.
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  2. I've already made it clear I think, if not here then on Vzi, that I "own" part of this ... mainly through buying the wrong vehicles in the first place,
    (which I've mitigated by putting many hours into selling off parts to recoup that spending)
    partly by not seeing what was staring me in the face ... It's not revenge.
    To be clichéd: " two wrongs don't make a right" though.
    I've got the emotional thing "down" now anyway, thanks to a series of other more important events (thankfully not divorce) and that's partly why I haven't rushed at this.
    That leaves the money ... and a big fat streak of social responsibility.
    At one point I was treating this as "to name OR get my money back"... They're not linked anymore.
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  3. Understood, thank you.
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  4. Havent any advice bud but giving out supporting vibes. Hope you get a good result.
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  5. Go to every vw event with it on a trailer with the words ‘Jon Hancock aka 65 deluxe ****** my bus ‘
    Sign written down the side
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  6. I've got any number of photos, a video and a report, but Mr S C Rappy now has the offending article ... so not an option, even if that was my "style"! Appreciate the sentiment though :)
  7. :hattip:
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  8. I didn`t realise you had scrapped it .... realistically all I would think possible is judge Rinder , forget it , pay to get his name to the top of every Google search or small claims court which is small fry but it at least gets his name out
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  9. JON HANCOCK ...
    and 65 DELUXE ..

    seems to have a good write up on this webpage....;)


    its quite high on google searches too....:hattip:

    thats ..


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  10. Didn’t realise it was scrapped. Did you scrap it or did he? Was it broken for spares first?
    Anyway, my thoughts for what they’re worth - if you want to put your mind at rest re: legal standing, most reputable law firms will usually offer a free consultation, 30-60 minutes, maybe by phone, during which you might be able to get an idea of where you stand, your options, and the likely outcome of pursuing a case.
    Of course lawyers charge vast amounts for everything. In the last few years I’ve spent many thousands on divorce, employment and land issues and the going rates will be anything from £250-400 or more per hour, pro-rata for each minute spent on calls, emails etc etc, and costs are open-ended, so your appetite for cost and stress will need to be potentially quite high if you actually engage them.
    There are the usual options of Citizens Advice Bureau who might advise if police or Trading Standards is a route that may offer some recourse if only in satisfaction and not financial recovery. That might be a cost and risk-free first port of call if you haven’t made it already.
    These things can eat you up if you don’t set yourself some kind of limit to what you’re prepared to endure for what gain.
    Good luck with whatever you decide, and don’t beat yourself up for being ‘naive’ - we’ve all been fleeced by people who gained our trust. It’s what that kind of person relies upon.

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  11. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    If the van is no more, I'd say its not worth any potential outlay to try and take it further.
    All he's got to do is cast doubt on the story, and the offending article isn't there to prove anything either way.
    I'd imagine the only winners would be any solicitors involved, who will happily charge you handsomely to fight the unwinnable fight.
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  12. I didn't realise the van had been scrapped. Hopefully you have a very good experts report on all of this before that happened otherwise it might become a bit of one persons word against another.
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  13. There's the video on the Vzi thread in buyers and sellers, (p3?) and a report, (also quoted there ... p6?)
    both done within about a day of removing everything ... and I took lots of photos of the only piece worked on that didn't get scrapped straight away so I don't think there's an evidence issue.
    What is even more interesting (to my mind at any rate) is that I have his photos of the sections of work in progress, to match up against the time logged for those sections which, when put alongside the end result, raises all kinds of difficult questions ...
  14. So much divorce on these forums! More than in the general population? If so what's the common factor I ask myself :thinking:
    Yes, it will be CAB & Co first to see what their experience can tell me.
    I scrapped it because it was going to cost me to store it ... and I wasn't exactly "emotionally attached" by this point anyway! I sold every last piece of value, (keeping it good value for buyers despite the scramble for cash) and the bulk of what went to scrap was areas worked on, which would have needed unpicking to become of use ... to the extent that it had become even less financially viable than before it was started on.
    I'm not going to get "eaten up" as you put it, because it's not my style anyway, but also I've learned that lesson already with a neighbour from hell back in the 90's.
    Thanks (all) for pitching in by the way ... practical, but therapy as well :hattip:
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  15. By the way, he tried to offer putting it all right but there were a few reasons for not taking him up on this:
    1) The quality of the work was so poor I couldn't imagine him being able to get it right second time round.
    2) Since he would not work on just one project at a time (maximum was two days a week) I could not see when I could expect it to be finished.
    3) He professed not to know how his work fell short ... Would I want him "learning on the job" on my bus .... twice?
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  16. ... posted the above twice.
    Ah the irony!
  17. @Dub and Dubber

    Sorry to read your bad luck.

    Wish you lots of good fortune for the future.

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  18. Very much what I'd expect from seeing other posts of yours ... :hattip:
    My future is what I make of it :cool:
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  19. Difficult story to read this, I really feel for you. Easy to be wise after the event, more difficult when you are in the middle of it. The fact there is a 'scene' breeds these people.

    Bottom line though, you won't get your money back pretty much whatever you do.

    He won't have it, and if you pursue him through the courts you'll find that all assets are actually registered to a family member, and the business will just fold up and reopen the following day (Probably as 66 Deluxe, he has the benefit of a sequential numbering system there). This is a common operating model.

    So you can make his life a little more awkward by all sorts of measures, but if he is a scamming scum bag he won't care (or will have a cunning plan). If he's actually honest, just thick as and lazy, then he won't have the imagination to worry about it all.

    You (rightly so) will be raging throughout, and racking up further costs, which you are unfortunately unlikely to ever get back, even if you can pin him down in court.

    I couldn't let it lie, I'd be scheming and plotting his demise in every waking hour, but as an impartial outsider I would advise walking away now if you can bring yourself too. As mentioned in many posts above, you will end up in better health and less worse off than if you pursue it.

    In the meantime, all you can do is flood the internet with the stories and pictures (forums, yell.com, google reviews, really everywhere you can), in the hope that others will google him first, then have second thoughts about it all.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do....

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