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  1. hi all, I've been advised this is the right place to put this thread, which is more of an "advisory" really ...
    Have a good read about Jon Hancock aka "65 Deluxe restoration of Automobile Exiles" here:
    (Video on page six)
    It's a closed thread that was a rather drawn out process of sounding people out about how and where to name this guy.
    Just flagging it up as a way of spreading the word .....
    Thanks for reading!
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  2. just read through your thread in the link.

    Watching the video makes me think he's having a laugh at your wallets expense as the workmanship in that video is shocking. I sincerely hope you get sorted out successfully.

    Unless you have some handy mates :eek:
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  3. No handy mates, just a lot of patience and persistence ... I was blocked from his Facebook page and the relevant entries removed as soon as I posted a reply to one of his buddies' comments about a rotten chassis photo.
    Bit like the way he password protected the photobucket album a few months back ... unaware that I'd already downloaded the whole lot.
    Maybe he'll realise eventually that I'm not walking away until something constructive happens?
  4. I don't blame you for not giving up, with any luck it will help prevent others getting into a similar situation. It makes you wonder what the SSVC lot think of his workmanship.
  5. I can't name other names because they're either wanting to draw a line under their experience, or not get involved because they haven't seen my bus, but suffice to say I've heard some pretty damning second hand reviews from long term professionals.
    It took me a LONG time to see through the surface of this guy and I think there will be a fair few surprised and bemused people out there ...
    Let's hope it's enough.
  6. Fingers crossed for ya
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  7. Ta!
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  8. Good luck in resolving the nightmare you've been through
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  9. Thanks ... Think it might get a little worse before it gets better!
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  10. Well I've managed to get myself barred from the Wilts VW Club within days of joining simply by mentioning that I was having trouble getting messaging right because my Facebook presence is minimal, and purely set up as a potential method to flag up my story ... which is of course about one of their members.
    What I hadn't realised was that nobody wants a fuss particularly if it will upset one of their own ... Ah well, plenty more ways to skin it, but it's disappointing to find a kangaroo court, that passes judgement without hearing both sides.
    It just pushes me nearer to going through with the real thing .......
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  11. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    You either need to go legal on his ass or let it go. Nothing else will work.
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  12. I went legal with a guy who once 'restored a stag' for me. One day I got a call asking "how much to settle" woohoo I thought until I realised it was a firm winding his company up :(. That cost me £ 15k :mad:
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  13. Well in my current position of being "down" by roughly that amount, I feel for you.
    As you can imagine, advice varies wildly.
    When I look past the dodging and weaving I see that I'm basically drifting ever closer to court ... Maybe there's a TLB fund for that :thinking:
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  14. Well done for naming and shaming and to hell with the concequencies - why would you want to be in club that behaves in such a pathetic manner ??

    Seriously - Good luck whatever path you decide to take and thanks for the heads up .

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  15. Groucho marks said he wouldn't want to belong to a club that would have him as a member ... The Wilts club does have one member I would be happy to meet up with but sadly he doesn't seem to be representative, so they'll just have to shuffle along without me!
    They'd rather boot me out and stick their heads in the sand so, as I put it recently, I've been "ostrich-ised" :confused:
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  16. Took a while to spot this post, sorry ... Certainly hearing that more now.
    Having to wait for the legal route to be affordable ... Until then I'm not letting it go.
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  17. :)
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  18. ...and I thought it was only @Pudelwagen who appreciated that kind of thing ... I know my family doesn't, but that might just be the effects of having too much of a good thing :D
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  19. :D:D:D

    Keep smilin` - their loss ..

  20. i cannot confirm or deny the use of that term in the past!!!

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