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  1. HI
    i am refurbishing a distributor for a beetle i have just purchased, being heavy handed i broke a fiber washer whilst taking it apart.
    Researching the replacement of the washer on the internet revealed from various sites that the fiber washers are very difficult to get and also very expensive .

    Not wanting to be beat i came across VWNOS.COM and i emailed Marcel there , he was very prompt to reply , and offered advice regarding other items i may consider replacing in the distributor . the prices are very cheap for the items i bought and postage cost are minimal

    He sells a range of VW products and services.
    Please have a look at his site it may well pay dividends
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  2. I had a really manky old Bosch Distributor that these guys refurbished


    instead of replacing it, if its a Bosch one, those guys can do wonders!



    Its still as good as they day it was refurbished!
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  3. Ignitionsolutions got my vote

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