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  1. This is a 12k plus bus but I understand the bad timing so I’ve priced it really well to sell! If you were looking before this madness, this could be a great opportunity for you. I can arrange it to be dropped off to you too (or you can)

    So Corona virus has killed my plan to
    Take my bus over to spain when we emigrate in September. Our rental income in Spain this summer was supposed to gets us started but obviously now that is not going to happen, I have had to take the horrible decision to sell my beautiful bus

    I’ve attached lots of pics. The highlights:

    - beautiful 4K interior with receipts
    - solid solid body - it’s an Oregon import
    - lovely history folder

    As usual a couple of buts of rust that a local guy agreed to do for me and paint for 300 quid. It’s not pressing and I can send you a video to show you if necessary. Bottom of passenger door and the slider.

    I will also throw in 2 additional quality doors (passenger and driver)

    I’m only asking 8.5k for a quick sale. It’s in barn storage near Ormskirk but I can arrange drop off on a low loader if you like. (Will be about 250) I know a guy that does this.

    I can also throw in a JK awning for an extra 100 quid (bargain)

    There is a lot of rubbish out there and this bus does not fall into that category at all. If you want a nice, solid bus, buy this one.

    any questions just ask, equally call me or WhatsApp and I can send over a video



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  2. GLWS. 8k seems very reasonable for a lovely looking bus, and I do like a tin top :thumbsup:
  3. Yeah it is buddy, as soon as it’s sold I can rest easy - I gave my notice in for my job a week before this all kicked off so needs must!
  4. SOLD - bloody gutted and will miss it terribly but I’m sure I’ll get another one day, maybe even another jurgens!
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  5. Someone has got a bargain.
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  6. Glad to hear that you have sold it @VWFURGOJURGENS - far too cheaply - which makes mine worth quite a bit less than I thought. Didn't realise you were in Burscough too.
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  7. You had your reasons. You wouldn’t have sold it otherwise. Sometimes you have to what you have to do and I hope you’re not too hard on yourself for getting your priorities right.

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  8. thanks Cunny - yeah but don't forget, very bad timing in terms of selling! If i were you i'd be tempted to send in for a bit of a restore on the body jobs and then sell for strong money 20k plus.
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  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I think the days of 20k plus buses have long gone to be honest! Certainly for the foreseeable future.
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    congrats on the sale, it looked a very tidy van. Are you still emigrating in September, hopefully the world will be back to normal by then.
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  11. Off topic I realise - but have you thought about approaching ex-employer to see if they'd take you back onto books in order to then furlough you so you ca receive 80% of salary while this goes on ? No cost to them and approved by government just depends on dates - worth looking into if you haven't already.

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