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    I'm having a clear out of unwanted odds and ends and came across these books, so I thought I'd sell them on as a bundle.

    1. Tom Wilson How to rebuild your Volkswagen Air Cooled engine (used condition, a couple of pages loose): 20221121_172322953_iOS.jpg

    2. How to keep your Volkswagen Alive (very good condition):

    3. Aircooled VW engine interchange manual (almost excellent condition):

    4. VW Bus Custom Handbook (very good condition, a few creases here and there):

    5. How to Hot Rod Volkswagen Engines (in above average condition):

    All of the books have been pre owned and read and are in good condition (Tom Wilson is the exception & that book has a few loose pages and fingerprints here & there but would be good to use in future).

    Ideally I'd like to sell as a job lot for ease of posting onwards.

    I'm looking for £40 posted for the lot or £35.00 collected.

    Location Kirkby in Ashfield.
  2. Yes please.
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