Veedub performance.

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  1. Is based in Welling, Kent. Owned and ran by James Wooton, he of Outlaw Flat Four fame. I wouldn't use anyone else. He is very busy and you do have to book early for your work. He owns a stunning bay and a 9 second Beetle. You sure could do a lot worse than his workshop, What he doesn't know isn't worth knowing....
  2. I second that , top man jay , a mate of mine wouldn't go anywhere else
  3. Does he do bog standard servicing, once-over etc? Or just performance stuff?
  4. Mine is there as we speak. The man is a genius and I don't say that very often....
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  5. Everything you want or need. Except paint. Tho he knows painters..
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  6. Did I see you in Dulwich a couple of weeks ago Kkkaty???
  7. Gosh don't think so, though I have a friend who lives there. And the van has been tucked up in the garage since about November!
  8. That clears that up? A twin perhaps....
  9. Just wanted to second other people's comments, James is a genius and will do any scale of job, servicing through to mega performance to show motors! And he's a really nice fella too.

    Just don't stare at his massive thumbs....his massive, greasy thumbs..

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