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  1. Travelling in a 1972 Bay
    with the 1700 type 4 engine and I've lost compression in the third cylinder. Dave O'Shea had a look at it and confirmed that's the problem, but he isn't able to take it on as he says it's an engine out job. Already been on to Manchester Air-cooled and he's too busy too. Meant to go to Bakewell for the weekend and back to Ireland on Wed night. Anyone any suggestions of anyone in the area could help me in that timeframe ? Thanks. Daithi.
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  3. Daithi. if some late bay owner had a complete engine it would be better , to fit,
  4. Daithi 00353876378013 if some one could help , he ll hug your tree for yee:rolleyes::thumbsup::hattip:
  5. Thanks Mork, chatted to the Southport shop just now. They're pretty sure it's a valve rocker seat issue. They said there's little chance of sorting it by Wed.
  6. bugger :(
  7. I can't help with parts but I am sure I can get engine out fixed and back in again for the ferry to Ireland on wed if you can locate a cylinder head. I'm only in southport and off work atm
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  8. Call my mate Rick Jackson Bredbury motor works in Stockport
  9. fair play too ye all
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  10. Cheers lads.we've made it to Bakewell. Hairy on those hills. It seems getting parts for the 1700 is an issue. We'll see how we get on.
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  11. If your in Bakewell and have any concerns, try these guys:

    there isn't really anyone else in the area; Deaddubs are close to Alfreton which is 15 miles away
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  12. i told ye that the 1600cc engine is the best
  13. Rang Deaddubs but I saw the post too late and they close on Sat at 1pm. We're parked til Monday. I'll chat to them then, thanks.
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    Van limping?
    Any relation to Van Helsing near Whitby ? :rolleyes:
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  15. I cant think of anywhere local to Bakewell to chat to. There is Autohaus Dolby in Sheffield but I don't know anything about them, ie, reputation etc
  16. The owner, Matt Dolby, used to work with Mrs Monkey at TCH in Sheffield many years ago. Really, really nice young guy well into his racing beetles etc. You may remember the stand they had at Stanford Hall if you went as they had the green/white mexican taxi beetle on display.
    So, well into the scene & if he can't help he may well know someone who can...
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  17. Ahh yeah I can vaguely remember the green taxi bug! :D
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    @Daithi ive only just seen this so poss bit late.

    Autohaus Dolby have sorted past two mots on my van. Not super cheap but nice and the fella and his mrs seem to know their stuff. Always sorted my van out.

    Plus they compliment me on the Landmark and shallow as I am that also works :)

    Their no is 0114 2446589 they're in Sheffield Mr to Meadowhall.
  19. A wee update. Thanks for all the info and offers of help, it was much appreciated. We made it home on our own 4 wheels which I didn't think was going to happen ! This guy sorted me out, reset the valves and did a few other things in 90 minutes and the van ran better than it ever had. His hourly rate isn't cheap but for what he did, and the knowledge he has it's a bargain. A lovely guy too, I'd recommend him to anyone He's near Alfreton in Derbyshire, not far from that designer outlet area.
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  20. Oh and meant to say if you're chatting footie with him go easy on him, he's a Notts forest fan !

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