Uprated Anti-Roll Bars

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  1. I see that VW Heritage sell both front and rear uprated anti-roll bars and was wondering if anyone on here has them fitted and have they made a difference / improvement to the handling?

    Mine is stock height with stock oil shocks and I like it being stock height so don’t want to lower it, but was wondering if these uprated anti-roll bars would improve handling and in particular stop or help not involuntary changing lanes every time a lorry overtakes you on the motorway.
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  2. Involuntary lane changes - made me smile, still working on reducing those, just adjusted the steering box a smidge to tackle that, feels a little better, need to check it with a short run on a windy day

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  3. Ah good shout about the steering box, will have a look at mine.

    Don’t get me wrong I love driving mine and all idiosyncrasies of owning and driving a 40 year old classic, like starting to turn the steering wheel a good 20 yards before you actually reach the bend in the road and zig zagging down the road battling a crosswind.

    And it might only be me, but I’ve recently found my self leaning forward when going up steep hills (as if it might help on getting to the top) and I also check the handbrake every five minutes whilst driving pushing it in towards the dash just in case it’s that, that might be slowing me down!
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  4. redoxide

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    I have the heavy duty anti roll bars front and rear along with spax adjustables and Avon 195 60 15 light van rated tyres

    I will say with my hand on my heart that my van handles like its on rails, on dual carriageways and indeed single carriage way roads I rarely have more than one or two fingers on the steering wheel and I have never been blown of course by wind or heavy vehicles..

    I dont get any hint of body roll on corners and dont feel the need to be constantly braking to slow for them either.

    I cant say if its soley due to the anti roll bars ( I also have urethane anti roll bar bushes) most likely a combination of the above .. Ive done 4500 miles in my van since June this year.. and would happily drive it more if the weather was better..
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  5. yes, the uprated ARB's are a worthwhile upgrade.

    with something shaped like a loaf of bread you'll always be influenced by a the "bow wave" of a truck passing you at speed, but these will help reduce that.
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  6. Yeah I know what you mean, drove from Yorkshire to Sussex a couple of weeks back, cross-wind all the way, must have looked horrendous!
    If the steering has play then I can't see a stiffer ARB helping that much, most of it is correcting the slack in between left and right movement at the wheel!

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  7. do it. its a revelation!
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  8. Really? That's something else I learnt today

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  9. Totally agree and I drive on 205/65/15c "s Its Lovely

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  10. That's interesting.
    Mine is lowered a little on coilovers front and air adjust rears so doesn't roll much at all and is a fair bit stiffer than stock, but still wanders in buffeting/cross-wind conditions and had slack in the steering (play at centre between left-right movement). I've just adjusted the box to try to reduce it and it seems to have done so but I've not been on a dual carriageway/motorway since so can't confirm for sure. I'll report back.

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