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  1. ...Twoo.

    Bridge camera lens at full stretch so a bit fuzzy:

    Juvenile little owl a couple of weekends ago on the Isle of Wight.

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  2. Owl aid back does he/she look?
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  3. Owl do you know it's a juvenile?
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  4. Owl did your holiday go jerry:p
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  5. What a hoot.
  6. Come on chaps. Getting sloppy here!
    @Gingerbus owl ong was the focal length on that lens then?
    Owl ocal birds of interest are a pair of red kites ...
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  7. Owl are you @Dub and Dubber :thumbsup:
  8. Dubs

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    Great pic!
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  9. There were kites and buzzards flying over the campsite all day long and more along the cliffs.

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  10. Because he was even smaller than an adult little owl. About the size of a large jaffa.
    Here he is compared to an inquisitive pigeon that hopped along to take a closer look:

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  11. To who

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