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  1. One of the Accelerator Pump Injector Tubes on my Solex PDSIT 34 2/3 carbs is missing and besides that they need a good looking at as they haven't been seriously overhauled for their lifetime I suspect! (36 years!)
    Any recommendations as to where I should get them done?
    Any pitfalls?
    I was quite impressed with a Dutch couple who had a carb stand at Brighton Breeze who quoted £300 for the pair but have lost their details if anyone knows of them or anyone else you could recommend it would be much appreciated.
  2. Not too hard to take apart and clean...£20ish for gasket set.. no idea if they work again yet though as not built rest of engine.
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  3. do you feel confident to refurbish them yourself? There's not a lot to carbs tbh...the casting itself, brass jets, gaskets, o rings, springs, screws etc. They come apart easily and go back together just as easily....there's also plenty of info and diagrams/videos on the web for reference. As for cleaning, you can buy carb cleaner for all the brass ware, and blowing through any holes and galleries. The carb body can be cleaned by boiling in lemon juice (with a bit of water added), and then washed down in fresh petrol. Setting up is a case of reassembly (making sure everything is clean) and then following manufacturers instructions regards auto choke settings, pump jet, float height etc. It may seem a bit daunting if you've never messed with carbs before, but it's not a difficult job. The main issue with old carbs is if the throttle bushings/spindles are badly amount of polishing will rectify this problem, bushes will have to be renewed, and worst case, a new spindle to match...old spindles can be nitrided/nickel plated/polished as a last resort, but you shouldn't stuggle to find decent nos or used solex parts

    If you'd rather pay someone to do it, then try JRS
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  4. Thanks for that. I'll get a quote from them. I did consider a DIY job but can't find an accelerator pump tube anywhere and the spindles are quite loose and will def need sorting out.
  5. Not sure where you are, but Gasure refurb solex's and then tune them to your engine for about £200 +vat I think. Put Gasure into Google and you'll find them. They specialise in lpg conversions but are very experienced in solex's refurbs too

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