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  1. hi all. need to get my camper from Bath to Leeds in last week of June. Obviously I can drive it, but just wondering if anyone does or knows of anyone that would transport it on flatbed/trailer and what this would be likely to cost.
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    A lot more than driving it would.
    You could try Shipley but bare in mind most of them don’t have the right insurance cover. You need motor trader insurance for a vehicle you are transporting to be covered.
    Try @3901mick
  3. We hired a trailer from BDS trailers when we moved my brothers camper. Just make sure that the vehicle you're towing with is rated for the weight of the trailer and your camper. We used a VW T5/T30
  4. I used this guy to move my crew cab from Yorkshire to Surrey.

    The guy is called Ryan.

    V reliable and pro service.


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