WANTED Thermostat, cooling flaps & linkage

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Ermintrude, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. It seems that the thermostat is missing from my bug and causing all sorts of sluggish behaviour :(

    I'm in need of a thermostat, cooling flaps for fan housing, linkage rods and return spring for my 1973 1600 twinport bug. Anyone have all/any of the above or can pint me in the right direction? :)
  2. Good luck in your quest,my bay has always been missing those.It seems a common thing that previous owners like to remove them,they must know something that VW didn’t.

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  3. that's what my mechanic has just said :( He says he see's about 90% of them with missing thermostats - which surely means there's a big thermostat mountain somewhere?:thinking:
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  4. If only we could find said mountain

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  5. Dubs

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    Megabug usually have them in stock.
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  6. can only find the new style thermostats... and i thought they had issues?:confused:
  7. @Ermintrude it won’t be the missing thermostat that is making your bug run sluggish, I’ve had 3 campers and a beetle and none of them had a thermostat, I would look elsewhere for the problem although fitting one won’t hurt
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    Are you looking on their website? You need to phone them up for their current stock of used original stuff. Never had a new thermostat from them before. :thumbsup:
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  9. i have same problem every winter with carb icing up. lovely mechanic always sorts it and the bug is back to a racing car again until the cold damp weather returns :(
  10. i was, yes :oops:

    will give them a call, thank you :)
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    If it's running a standard carb, it most certainly could be the cause. If the carb isn't getting enough warm air, it will ice up like a bstard in cold weather.
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  12. near enough the exact words mechanic used :D but he doesn't swear - lovely old chap who did his apprenticeship with VW when splits were still being sold new!

    i tend to only do short journeys in the winter too - will give it a good run out this weekend
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  13. As your machanic said most run without a stat, I still think it could be something else as well

    Mind you it is cold in t norf
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  14. it does seem to have only been happening since moving up back up here, and i guess living at the foot of a moor doesn't help. It could well be something else too (i do worry about my heads) but i think if i get a thermostat sorted it's a step closer. autumn/winter is always worse, and there's lots of hills here too! :eek:
  15. You could always buy yourself a pair of carb warming mittens, you cup the manifold in you hands and blow hot air on the carbs at the same time should cure the icing , I think they are made by Empi, @snotty may have a pair over his fence
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  16. Let us know, if you have any luck, please? I found a Trekker fan housing, which would have been ideal for my needs, but it lacked flaps etc. If you find the parts I nay be tempted to restart my search.
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  17. I have a lovely 65-70 temp perfect thermostat. £45 posted
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  19. Yes it went
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