the kelsall steam rally

Discussion in 'Photography' started by jivedubbin, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

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  2. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Great stuff I love that :)
  3. Really like the picture of the AA van being towed ^-^
  4. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    mmmm.....tractors....massey fergussons....mmmmmmm

    I love vintage tractors. What's all that about? Sometimes I think I am a boy trapped in an owld lady's body ;D
  5. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    Looks a good well attended event :)
  6. Brillant thx for the pics
  7. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Lovely photos :) there are some fab old tractors still working out here in Spain. I particularly like the Landy and matching caravan combo
  8. wow thats the only 1933 Winchester in existance isnt it? think it was a prototype. quality mix of vehicles there! :D

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