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  1. Any experience of the Lagun type table legs? Am looking to add a table to the bay and think something like this might be the best option. I don't really want to use the conventional pedestal type. Any advice appreciated.
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    Had to google Lagun.

    It is not unlike the ones some Westies had fitted by the factroy:


    They are very good in Westies I'd say, mine is.
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    The westy ones work well although my westy Berlin the table leg has to be removed to put the rock and roll bed down -I have put in another location point just behind the front seat by sliding door which means I can have the table in front of the seat when spun around and I can pull bed down without moving table. Also means I have a table that swings out of sliding door when sat outside van. You can also buy a base for this table leg that means table can be used outside van as well.
  4. Thanks - what is the horizontal length of the arm? Do they rotate purely around the upright member!
  5. Please tell me I’m not the only person to snigger at the phrase upright member.
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