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  1. IMG-20230916-WA0003.jpeg IMG-20230916-WA0006.jpeg IMG-20230916-WA0022.jpeg IMG-20230916-WA0011.jpeg IMG-20230916-WA0016.jpeg IMG-20230916-WA0007.jpeg Surplus to requirement T4 2.5ltr petrol , manual , one previous elderly owner until i bought it a few months ago . 60,000 miles from new , only used for light garden maintenance, always garaged overnight .When ordered new from VW it came with mudflaps roof bars , towbar and seat covers (seats are in lovely condition ) .I have just fitted genuine wheel trims and given it a polish and wax .Runs great with super smooth , quiet and powerful five cylinder petrol IMG-20230916-WA0020.jpeg engine . Much better than a stinky old noisey diesel ! Price is £5000.
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  3. Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.
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    Bit far away, looks a nice bus :thumbsup:
  5. Where are you ?
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    Sunny Barnsley :)
  7. It would run a treat on that clean Yorkshire air .
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    Surprised, looked it up and every ulez area charges apply. Thought it would be exempt.
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  9. Shame i take back all my praise of SK and the emissions zone! Bloody ridiculous idea penalising a green van like this .
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    PM sent
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  11. Van now sold .
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