Sweden to Croatia.

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  1. Just thought I would share our trip down to Croatia through the southern tip Denmark,Germany,Austrian Alps,Slovenia and then into Croatia.
    We booked a pitch at Brioni Camping just outside of Pula in the Istria region.
    We started out early on the 23rd of July with the wife and 2 kids,small dingy and 4 bikes.
    Everything went well apart from it developing a miss once hot and a broken handbrake cable on our way home,managed to find a coil and dizzy cap in Pula at the first shop i looked in! quality Bosch stuff ordered and arrived the next day.
    Close to the Austrian border.
    Happy campers!
    At the border to Slovenia.
    Our camp set up for 9 days.
    coffee brewing in the morning.
    My daughter snorkelling without a snorkel?
    Hanging bridge outside the "hippy" bar,he didn't just sell beer.... 1540294.jpg
    Our little dingy,small and light battery powered.
    early morning pic 50m from our pitch.
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    Looks very nice; have a great holiday Clive :thumbsup:
  3. We arrived home last night,all went well.
    Time for another oil change!
    I must say that JPM builds good motors! we were passing cars up the alps.
    She ran a bit hot but it was over 30C in Croatia,my oil temps sat at about 100C when cruising on the flats at about 65mph and went up to 115 when stopping,not too sure if I need an external oil cooler?
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  4. Hi Clive,
    Just slow down a bit and enjoy the scenery!
    Glad you had a good time.
  5. Thats what I did but once I came off the motorways the oil temps would shoot up,would be better for the motor i think if I had an external oil cooler,never had this problem in Sweden in the cooler temps.
    At speed on the motorways doing 50 to 70 it hangs just under a 100C,slightly hot but maybe not a problem?
    Should I post more pics?
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  6. More pics yes please :food:
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    Great to see the bus in use Clive.
    & as womball says, of course we need more pictures.
    Love the camp set-up btw:thumbsup:
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    You know we like pictures :thumbsup:
  9. Ok! here are some more pics! This is the owner of the "hippy" bars house. 1541169.jpg

    This is his Rasta bike.

    We slept with the tailgate open with the mosquito net in place,the towels gave us a bit of privacy,I will be making something more permanent out of tent material soon.

    This little pyramid room was next to his house,I suppose its a guest room.

    This guy was camped outside the bar,87 high top.
  10. More pics...this is a pic of a Slovenian families 74 westie.

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  11. Enjoy Clive. Nice pics. We always could do with more pics. Interesting lag free sun canopy on that T3!
  12. Arrived home on Saturday all safe and sound.Great trip and can't wait for next years trip,it will be in the same area but different campsite.
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  13. How far was it for you?
  14. We used 3 days to drive 1700km.
  15. Next time you are in Istria, check out some hidden gems inland, like Groznjan (Grisignana) or Motovun Not many good beaches in Istria, but the inside is nicer than the coast, in my opinion of course.
  16. You should of stopped by !!! In Bavaria .
    What happened to poland ?
  17. Thanks for the tips,we have young kids who just love the beach and they would complain if they were not on one.
  18. Sorry mate but we were pushed for time,missus needed to get back to work.Would have loved to see you again though!
  19. Next time ...:thumbsup:..
    Im in new york city right now ...
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