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  1. Plate thread reminded me to ask. Can you transfer a plate (not a private one) onto another vehicle. Do you have to register as a private plate first?
  2. Don’t think you could do that with normal plates, as the reg is the car’s ID.
  3. Although @Barry Haynes used to swap the plates on his Jag when he was making “bank withdrawals”…
  4. From what I remember and this is years ago, both vehicles had to be MOT’d and probably taxed also, and then you can move number plates from one vehicle to another.

    Not sure what if anything has changed
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  5. ^ this. just fill the forms out

    can't make anything look newer than it is, so plates have to be appropriate to the age of the vehicle, i'm sure if you google dvla rules you'd find them easy enough.
  6. I think this is the case .
    I recently looked at a pre war car a knobhead dealer was selling but minus the plate which he was trying to sell Separately. The car he was transferring from was a barn find so totally unroadworthy and the DVLA insisted it had to be inspected and passed as roadworthy before he could sell the plate on . Bloke was well miffed , bit strange really as he had maybe 8 barn finds in an open yard under plastic sheets - you'd think he'd know the rules...

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  7. Hate numpties like that. Sell the car or sell the plate, historic vehicles need their original plate imo.

    I wonder if mot rules relevant with the new exemptions.

    Barn finds under plastic sheets
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  8. You can keep any plate you like and transfer it on to another vehicle within the age rules etc

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  9. Possibly or possibly not ...

    A work colleague wanted to keep the Irish plate on some Beemer he was px-ing but the plate had to stay with the car - possibly an rule for imports ??

    Dunno ...

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  10. This makes sense, copied off a reg broker's web site.

    Why would a vehicle’s number plate be listed as “non-transferable”?
    There are a number of reasons as to why a car may have “non-transferable registration mark” attached to their vehicle. There is a common misconception that “non-transferable” means that the car is written off, but this is not the case. Typically, a non-transferable plate arises where there is significant racing history associated with that car and registration number. It can also happen when a number has been transferred away and an age-related replacement is issued by the DVLA – this is why it is often found on old cars.

    In other cases, this can happen when the original number is put back on a car that was re-registered. In this instance, the number could be highly valuable and DVLA would be giving it to you, hence why the vehicle’s number plate is “non-transferable”.
  11. This is what happened with my Ford Pilot Woodie when I registered it back in the UK 45 years after it was exported; I got the original number back as non-transferable, which suited me just fine as I think it should stay with the car.
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  12. The vehicles identity is the chassis number , not the registration plate.
    The chassis is unique to one vehicle however the numberplate can , in its history be on numerous vehicles but only one vehicle at a time.
    If you have a plate you wish tokeep but dont yet have a nother car to put it on you can contact dvla for a retention certificate for the plate and they issue you with a date relevant plate and inform you when to change plates over . You then tell them when you have another vehicle upon which you want to place the retained plates . Again they will supply you with a number and date for the exchange of the plates .
    Its a regular and straight forward process , but guess what, its not free , it costs mount to hundreds .
    If your stopped by police in a car with a retained plate fitted if you ask very nicely they could tell you the previous number (s) of the cars history but they shouldn't due to data protection
  13. My imported XO was on a Q plate when I bought it because the po didn’t bother to prove manufacture date etc,
    Back in the good old days when they had a DVLA office in Bournemouth
    I collected enough info and took it to the office an age related registration was issued the same day,
    I was told then that it was not transferable to another vehicle.
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  14. I bought an old foden truck that had been standing for years and was no longer on the DVLA system .
    I had all the original log book and various MOT ticket's as proof of identity .

    To retain it's original No plate ,photo's of side back and front including No plates if exist ,chassis no and engine number if in it . There was a cost but not hundreds if i remember ...that said it was 17 years back .
    Great help came from the Foden Society who have big clout with the DVLA and certainly made it swift and straight forward .
    But when i was sent the new and updated V5 it came with Non Transferable on the document ,and also that i was the first keeper of the vehicle even when the old log book gave the names of 2 previous owners .

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