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    Scooby box comes from a front wheel drive car and pushes the car forwards.
    If you just lobbed a scooby box into a bay, it would run backwards...simply.

    The Subaru gears solution is to fit a specially made reverse cut crown and pinion ( the bit that is driven by the engine/gearbox and is connected to the drive shafts) into the Subaru box to enable the scooby box to drag the van, rather than push it...simply.
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  2. My subarugears box had 100k on it prior to's been fine so far :oops:
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    With regular oil changes it should be good for 10s of ks more. That's the biggest killer of any box, neglect.
    Oh and dropping the clutch at the lights to impress the lads...;)
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  4. Hmm, in my case the joke is that it's still in the garage, although it does have oil in it now. 18 months and counting.
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  5. Thank you for taking the time out to reply, I appreciate the feedback
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    to convert a Subaru box besides the reverse crown wheel and pinion and clearancing, the drive to the rear differential is removed, locked and replaced with a nose cone supplied by Subrugears or you can modify the original housing
    Some of the nose cones that were supplied were incorrectly machined which caused gear change issues
    I've converted a few of these boxes with no issues and have one of my own which is going to be bolted to a 2.3 Lt air cooled engine that I'm building at the moment. It uses a conversion plate, bespoke flywheel and subaru clutch and pressure plate.

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    a few more pics

    54.jpg 52.jpg b.jpg
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  8. Nice work Rick!
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    I don't want to hijack this thread so will start a new one (both here and our own site) when I'm a bit further through the engine build (I've only just got the stroker parts and machining back from Wayne Penrose)
    There's still a few modifications around the gear linkage and front mount to sort out
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  10. When swapping over to Subaru gearbox, what other modifications are required to the existing vw installation?

    Subaru swap to Subaru gearbox
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    vanagons (t25's) are easier than t2's
    t2's need the cross member (the one that holds the back of the gearbox) cut away and a bar attached to the chassis and under the engine/gearbox to support everything.
    then there is the radiator issue, either on the Bull bar (ugly as) or underneath (think about your salty roads) although I've seen a setup with 2 half radiators and electric fans in the air intake vents.
    you can get a nose cone from subrugears that holds the original mount (modified one on the t25)
    very crowded in a t2 and because there's no tin ware to seal the engine Bay from road grime it gets messy in there on a dirt road.
    Then there's the Subaru electronics that must come over from the doner vehicle (unless you shell out for an aftermarket setup).
    I can go on but you probably worked out I don't like the t2 versions
    But the t25 one's are a different story specially the water cooled ones, not much to do to swap over and definitely the go
    There's a few over here that have the flat 6 Subaru engine in them, real weapons
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