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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Zed, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. Zed


    I have watched with some interest over the years as these conversions have gained popularity, but over the last few years or so it appears good donors are steadily becoming more difficult to find.

    The trail blazers used to say if they went pop (which they don't really?) they'd simply wallop in a replacement, cheap as chips. That plan is beginning to look a bit tricky I think.

    Still cheap as chips compared to air cooled but for how long?
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  2. I think the issue at the moment is the canbus in the later models once they have a workaround for that there will be plenty of supply and as with all things time will sort it. Same as electric conversion it will come down in price so the more that go for that the cheaper the Subaru swap will become supply and demand but no demand price goes down
  3. If I hadn't done the Subaru conversion I would have sold it, instead I drive it all the time.
  4. Dubs

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    What Ian said. We is all scared of canbus innit!

    Although, if you are already running an ej20, and it goes pop, presumably you could use a later lump, with all your existing injectors, ecu, wiring etc.

  5. Zed


    That's nice. :)
    But that wasn't the question. :thumbsup:

    You're sitting pretty, I'm sure parts are available and won't be crud aftermarket rip off like VW air-cooled can be. That's all good.

    I was more wondering if the trend to convert, which to my eyes is ever gathering pace, could come to a point where suitable donors are too hard to find.
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  6. Moons

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    Very good point, and agree, it is a ticking clock of availability of good 'known' engines.

    I had a spare engine and loom for £100 around 7 years ago - sold it for a fair bit more when we moved house as shifting the thing became a pain.

    Better news for Subaru engines is the fact that there is a massive world wide market for tuning them, or keeping the shell and replacing the engine with something like a Skyline (so an engine becomes spare. So I assume parts isn't an issue, or at least not more than VW engines.

    I'll be looking abroad for a second engine when the time comes - maybe make a holiday of it, bring the car back and scrap all but the engine. I guess another advantage is the EJ20 was fitted to Forresters, Outbacks, Legacies and Impreza's worldwide, I believe only the brain might have been different for the bits you need.

    Aging electronics is probably more of a weakness - wonder if you can megasquirt them or put a bike throttle bodies on?
  7. Perhaps then attention will turn to the Brazzer solution?

    Currently running 1.4 Polo/Fox engines @83bhp standard set-up with FI and ECU's, but certainly scope to remap further. Even got electronic throttle set-up.
    Donors of that spec should be plentiful.
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  8. Zed


    It's my belief, founded on my imagination mostly, that most people who do an engine swap are attracted to mpg and perceived reliability...but wouldn't go to the trouble and/or expense if they weren't also getting a sizeable increase in power. 83hp isn't enough for that.
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  9. Thats probably why to date, but as Brazzer vans become more affordable, all the infrastructure is there, the EI, FI, ECU, fly by wire throttle etc. I don't know anything about the rest of the VW engine range, or the optimum re-mapping route, but with that set up already on board, a more powerful set up than stock 83bhp should be readily achievable?
  10. Zed


    Have you noticed you're the only one around here with a Brazza van? I think you over estimate the popularity.
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  11. reliability although the added mpg is nice
  12. Yes I know I'm the only one with Brazzers, so I don't over estimate the popularity but you've started a thread based on the availability and cost viability of Subaru options in the future.

    I'm not telling you the Brazzers are the future, just an option.

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  13. Zed


    So one would assume you'd have made the change to Subaru if it was a typical 2l 70hp?
  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Not sure about that. They seem to come up on Facebook pretty much every week.
    The increased mpg is negligible to be fair. I got low 30s a few weeks ago but I was driving like a saint!
    I got mine because I wanted to enjoy driving the bus again. I was bored before.
  15. I had a type four 1700 it usually ran but didn't instil any confidence
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  16. Zed


    You sir, are evading the question. :)
  17. C415E92F-2EB0-4E82-A28E-3B94E8315EEE.jpeg
    Hey wilf apparently you can get 50 ish MPG out of these nipper
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  18. Question didnt appear to make sense.
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  19. Zed


    I put forward the theory that...oh go and read it again, it was the last part of an exchange. :rolleyes:
  20. Be clear man. For gods sake you’ve plenty of time on your hands!
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