Struggling to find campsite :(

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  1. I know I've probably left it too late, but I thought that was half the fun with campers!?

    I'm looking to take the bus away for two nights from 2nd to 4th May.
    Somewhere in the Kent, Essex or Sussex areas.

    Will be the first time the girlfriend comes, so looking for somewhere nice(ish), at least with electric.

    Also need it to allow dogs.

    Really struggling to find anywhere that:

    1) Allows dogs
    2) Has electric spaces left
    3) Doesn't ask for 3 nights minimum

    Any ideas?
  2. Book 3 nights.
  3. As in book 3 nights but only stay 2?

    That is a last resort, as obviously it's not the best plan financially!
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  4. I've just joined a scheme called Brit Sites, for 27 £ you get a directory of pubs, hotels and various busineses in the UK, where you can park up overnight for free, I think it is very good and great for stop offs on long trips.
  5. Have you had a look at Cleethorpes?
  6. I can never understand why they insist you stay two or three nights minimum. It's not as if they have any cleaning up to do after you leave.

    Have you tried Camping and Caravaning Club or Caravan Club. Whatever you do, make sure the Showers are nice for your GF! Read the reviews!
  7. As its a bank hol I'm not surprised really. Your taking space on their land they can easily fill for 3 nights. Hand in pocket time I'm afraid. Or a lay by.
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  9. I need to go sit down.
    I'll be right in a minute.
    Don't fuss.
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