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Discussion in 'Wales' started by Louey, Apr 23, 2020.

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    @Poptop2 I thought it would be kind to share them with other folk too.

    The Brecon Beacons are such a fantastic place to visit. Lots of small towns and villages and so much beautiful in awe of scenery.

    I've attached a map that shows some Off grid camping spots for if you want to explore the main Beacons, including it's highest Pen Y Fan, Corn Du and yes *snigger Fan Y Big.

    My favourite stopover spot is the one bottom right on the map where is says Waterfall, but the walk up to the Beacons is very steep. The other good one is the one in Brecon itself next to the theatre, handy for a few good pubs (Brecon Tap is good).

    You can head out on your bike too - though I would add in cycling along the Brecon & Monmouthshire canal to Talybont instead of the suggested bit on the map linked.

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    This summer looks like a washout regarding climbs and walks though @Louey.

    Believe it or not I’ve I’ve just been sat looking at pen y fan this morning having a decko from my truck. It was covered in mist at 6 o’clock this morning and bright sunlight an hour ago. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms now, I haven’t climbed a mountain since January :(
  3. Louey

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    Lucky you, in some ways, being able to get out and see these views.

    Just had our first proper meeting with work and they are predicting us not returning to college till September and then still with restrictions, so I doubt we'll be getting out and hiking or biking anywhere apart from our front doors.

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    The first time I went Brecon was to stumble upon the jazz festival ,I had no idea it was on.returning some years later it was to find a very different and sad town ,a shadow of its former days.
    But the beacons don't change ,still wild and challenging
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  5. Louey

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    Me too. I had been to Brecon a few times but the first time I decided to stopover it was the Jazz festival - and yes it does seem to be the only time the place comes to life. If I'm not there for the festival, then it's only a shopping stop and back off to the hills

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  6. Hi @Louey - thanks for sharing this. My wife and I are taking the van into the Brecons at the end of August - if you have any more tips on where to stay (we really love wild camping in the van!) then please give us the benefit of your experiences :)
  7. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    Only campsite I have used is Park Farm in Llangattock. Loads of spots you can pull up at - a few around Talybont reservoir, one overlooking Llangattock, one up the long hill to the west of Llangattock too.

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  8. So we just got back from a week in Wales which included us climbing Pen Y Fan. We stayed in the NT carpark at Cwm Gwdi which is right at the start of the horseshoe ridge walk.

    Its a car park deep in the woods - yet surprisingly had excellent 4G signal! - and you can do a loop from there, up the mountain and Corn Ddu and down past the glacier lake and past Cwm Llwch farm. Total time 4.5 hours (ish).

    Cwm Gwdi Carpark:
    Unnamed Road, 8LE, Brecon

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  9. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    I was contemplating that spot next time I'm there as I want to cycle around and over the peaks there - theres a route that starts in Brecon and runs along the canal and then up Fan Y Big.

    Its called The Gap

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