STOLEN - Red and White Late Bay - YTT 357S

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Pilgrim Tim, Feb 6, 2015.

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    shared on farcebook
  2. I know you probably have - but have you checked with the DVLA and Police (and any other agency that can take these vans 'legally')?

    Did any of your neighbours see anything? I'd put something on a note and put it through everyone's postbox - specifically a picture of the van and the statement it might have been towed, put on an aframe, trailer or low loader and the time date - with easy contact details for yourself.

    Be exact on where it was parked - you might be able to find out whose cars were parked near it - I'd also put notes on windscreens for a week - a picture and a phone number.

    I'd also have a look around all the street and see what CCTV there is, look for council and garages and shops - I'd also follow all the main roads out in all directions and note any traffic camera's and where they are exactly.

    The police don't have the resources to investigate, you can be proactive, more accurate your information is, the better - if they have info on exact camera location and a time with a description on what they are looking for that will help.
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  3. @Moons You should start a stolen VW search and rescue company!

    What scumbags. Fingers crossed you find it!
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  4. I used to run one that stopped cars getting nicked in the first place,though that technology needed the batteries in the vehicle!

    I do think the more proactive people are, the better the chances - the Police, despite probably their desires too to be fair, don't have resources and the insurance companies despite their protestations are happy to pay out.

    I know that last bit is hard to believe - but without any car crime, you can't raise premiums or profits can you.
  5. I suggest keep checking ebay, preloved, gumtree, pistonheads for any signs perhaps put a wanted ad for the unusual parts she has ie yellow seats etc, might show some leads
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    I'm not sure what happens to them to be honest.
    Most vans would be instantly recognisable to their owners regardless of colour, theres just too much people do to them that would take any thief too long to hide I reckon.
    I'd guess they either end up in containers headed for Europe, or they're broken.
  7. Will find it on Friggbook and share , hope you you get it back
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    If someone can tell me how to find it on Facebook I'll share it as well.
  9. Find a group called "Stolen VW Campers and Beetles"

    It's on there.
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    It's called The Stolen VW Register
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    I've just shared it Bob so you should spot it :)
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    Does Facebook take a while to update? I couldn't see your 'share' post Bern but I found it using Baysearcher's link.

    I 'shared' it but it hasn't appeared on my posts yet.

    We need to get this camper found and repatriated, we don't want a precedent set for red and white Australian campers being stolen.
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    I don't know Bob - it does seem to be random at times - although I'm sure there is a sinister reason
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    I've just seen Row's Facebook post where she is sharing Doug's post about the camper.
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  15. Shared it too, hope you find it mate, I'd hate for this to happen!
  16. Thanks all for the input/kind words. I'm trying the letter drop to the neighbours but am not hopeful.

    It would be (even more) criminal to break the van. It was an Aussie import that we had restored to our spec. Irreplaceable.
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    Agreed value insurance?
  18. appleers
  19. Knock doors, talk to people in the have to be proactive!!
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  20. I am delighted (and amazed) to be able to say that "Rosie" has been found. She was parked up less than a mile away form our house in Balham (under a cover) when an eagle-eyed neighbour spotted two guys trying to change the number plates and called the Police. She has some damage to the quarter light (which they levered out to gain access), the steering wheel has been cut (to release the steering lock) and the steering column has been mangled, presumably in an attempt to hot wire the van (they weren't getting far without an engine battery!). But apart from that, she looks to be in great nick.

    My family and I are obviously relieved and very happy to have her back. Thanks all for your words of advice and sympathy.

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