Solex carburetors - where can I get the tuned, please?

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Penny VW, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. This I do know:

    Taking the...
    He is ....ed drunk

    As well as many uses that are very similar.

    But there is no end to the social shock and awe when Americans refer to one of these in polite company when in the UK.

    Best of luck with your carbs. I will soon be fitting an original set of solex carbs. I am daunted...

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    I was going to say that
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  3. Nice fann.... , I mean bum bag :D
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  4. There's no end of fun with this one, one UK slang word for a cigarette really does not compute in the US.
  5. I could go on for a long time listing some of my favorites. What I might get wrong is the level of impact some expressions would you say them in polite company or in front of children. This varies a lot too. I am also a fluent French speaker and have friends from both Quebec and Canada. Same sorts of differences in slang. I have made some serious faux pas.
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  7. jivedubbin

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    See above ,I had mine rebuilt by these guys excellent service ,and came back ready to fit and run
  8. Ohh at last !!
    They did mine came back like new
    Told them what the engine was
    Fitted it and all was good :thumbsup:
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    Likewise ,I had them back within in a week
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    The funny thing was ,I lived about a mile from them before moving up north ,but I didn't need them when I was darn sarf
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  11. Hi @zedders - hopefully that's all they need.

    Thanks for everyone's help :)
  12. Not being funny Penny but it would pay you to learn a bit about carb float height and fuel pressure. It would not be umcommon to find one of these was too high and though the carbs correctly jetted it's still chucking too much fuel through the engine.
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