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  1. I keep looking at series landrovers on eBay - I must resist.
  2. Only need to change one letter :D
    but anyway I'm only telling people via PM otherwise it turns into a long conversation to bore everyone else with!
  3. Cool - he best take it to Flat Martin and he’ll see him right.
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  4. Ron - it was Ron!!! Checked....
  5. Apparently Ron has retired now anyway so a that’s that cleared up nicely...,

    I’ll gonaway now
  6. You know it makes sense . Lol
  7. :D
    No go for it you only live once there easy to work on as long as you can weld your be fine
  8. Did someone on here drop me a message about sorting an engine out on a beetle the other day.. Just I can't seem to find it now ...
  9. I asked you about sorting my vans engine

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