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  1. Hello all. Following some gentle encouragement from @Skyelectrix I'd like to bring you up-to-date with our journey with Sammy.

    We bought Sammy last October and I'm glad to say that under the slightly tired skirts lies a very good body..well looked after and no soggy bottoms :).

    My first jobs focused on the engine and with brilliant help from @mcswiggs, I've managed to sort some of the slightly easier engine fixes including fixing a stuck vacuum advance and knackered electronic dizzy, changing the pancake airfilters, servicing the carbs and uping the jets to end up with an engine that is purring in a happy boxer 2ltr type of way!

    Enough for now but here are some pictures to sate your appetite, a happy couple, a strange combo of colours and a before and after cleaning...see you soon

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    Nice looking bus Chris, keep the good work up!
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  3. Looks like a tidy bus Chris, keep the updates coming!
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  4. The new year started well with an annoying oil leak being mostly fixed...turned out that Sammy had had a change of heart and became a Webber fan at some time in the past having started out as an injection head. Unfortunately as with all reformed characters, not everything was plain sailing and an over pushy fuel pump was forcing fuel into the oil ..never a good mix. With a new pump installed and after a stubborn oil sump bolt was shown who was in charge, only a small dribble was left, but at Sammy's age, a small dribble or two is allowed!

    As with any adventure, there were many oohs and a few boos. Slightly wonky personal heating needed fixing with snail fan woes, gummed up cables and wayward flappers.

    The news, like a curate's egg, was good in parts....we now have heating in the cab which is fab! Unfortunately, one cable showed me it's stubborn side, so that was snipped (ouch) and the new flapper on that side permanently fixed on until a cable solution could be found.

    As if that wasn't enough, the engine's heating was also below par with a defunct thermostat and AWOL tinware.

    After much swearing after many attempts at soldering, the Thermostat was finally declare fit for duty and many £££ later eBay delivered significant quantities of rusty tinware to my door to my neighbour's puzzlement. But like a Phoenix these transformed and once again are as smooth as a baby's bottom...see below for pictures!

    Small step, lots of reading and great help from the TLB is making this a great way to pass the day during the dreaded C19 lockdown.

    Next time: my nipples need attention, a shocking experience and my Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen moment

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  5. Welcome

    Well done with all your work so far

    Good luck with your nipples
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  6. It seems only like yesterday when I faced my gun, did I feel lucky? With a deep breath I clipped onto the grease nipples or as our American cousins coyly call them Zerks! It provide to be much easier than first thought but it is a bit dirty!

    Having come up from underneath Sammy for a breath of air after changing the steering damper, temporarily fixing a missing support for the gear shift rod, as well as greasing, I decided to fiddle with the electric hook up and leisure system : easy peasy...eer no. Somebody in the past had thought that the use of solid single core house cable for hook up conections, ignoring the need for earthing the chassis and insy winsy wires of the wrong colour back to the leisure battery was a good option. As we speak new cables have just arrived :chewie:

    So while I took the insides of the camper apart to get to these electrical horrors, a little devil whispered in one ear- take it back to original Westie Berlin P27 brown plaid and laminate and the other ear had Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen waxing lyrical about chintz and frilly cuffs! I'm currently puzzling over whether to just keep the stained and varnished plywood look that is about 90% of what I have or do the 1970s fandango.

    For now that's it from Sammy and me. I'll come back once I've done something useful, but in the meantime to paraphrase somebody

    'to stain or not to stain that is the question ...?'

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  7. Wow! That previous wiring looks safe!!! Looks like you’ll have it sorted soon tho. Great progress With the other jobs too. Restoring the Westy Berlin furniture can take a while, but worthwhile if you want an original looking bus.
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    you mean to say you didn't have the same "safe" wiring installed? We sure did :D
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  9. Yes! There had Been some scary modifications carried out on Chilli in a previous life! All sorted now tho after £££’s!
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    Same here, easily sorted though. Major had been in a shunt, the front airbox was a mess, we had to replace the whole lot.
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    Those electrics are best left unseen! :eek:

    nice van, have you decided upon your interior choices yet? :)
  12. :(not chosen yet.. except we have decided not an original plaid!
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