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  1. I'm after buying a faster lens for my Canon dslr of the 70-200 f2.8 flavour.
    Some appear to have image stabilisation and others don't.
    My old fashioned skills tell me that at 1/250th and above, I shouldn't need it
    And below that speed I should be using a tripod.
    Have the rules changed?
    Can anyone help please?
  2. I use one of the Canon IS 55-250 mm zooms of the cheap(£200) F/5.6 variety and the IS feature does make it possible to handhold at slower shutter speeds than without. So yes it changes the rules.. I cant remember the precise figures but you might be able to get a usable shot around 1/125 or slower handheld.
    It also steadies up video making it a lot less wobbly.
    I also find that in general the quality of the image sensor on my EOS100D at ISO400 means I dont really miss the 2 stops of going from F/5.6 to F/2.8. What I do find is the 200-250mm end of the range is a bit soft at wider apertures.
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    Go with image stabilization every time.
    I can hand hold my Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO down to 1/30th and occasionally 1/15 with I.S. switched on.
    With practice you will be amazed how slow a speed you can actually shoot at.
    A monopod is sometimes all you need to steady a longer lens.
  4. I use that old school rule of thumb and it's still valid.
    I use a non IS Olympus 40-150mm (80-300mm full frame equivalent) f2.8 on my Panasonic G7 for rugby and triathlon photos. I always try to stay above 650th second exposure to freeze the action and have little problem.
    IS will allow a couple of shops slower handheld but obviously won't stop blur of a faster moving subject.
    If it has IS and you can afford it, use it. If not, old school still rules.
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  5. Why is everyone talking in some strange language on this thread?
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    It's like the Masons, once you've been inducted and learnt the secret handshake all the mysteries become clear.
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