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  1. Can anyone recommend any good rolling road carburettor tuners in and around Berkshire / Hampshire?

    I have a standard 2.0L type 4 with twin Weber 40IDFs and electronic ignition. I have googled but there are not many for carb set ups.
    The only one I did find online is Novatech in Slough, has anyone used them and if so are they any good?
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  3. Brillant! thanks I will give them a call.
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  4. I used Novatech to set up a pair of Weber IDF40's on my Karmann Ghia about 18 months ago.

    I was a bit worried as it got worse before it got better.

    After about 3 hours it was running spot on, started easier and made more power all through the rev range.

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  5. Have been there a few years back and he does know his stuff for sure. Jetted my webers and made huge difference. But he isn't the youngest chap anymore and you will be expected to swap jets over when you are there as he finds it difficult at times.. I didn't find this an issue as meant got to learn a bit. Also don't be alarmed when he gives it some and your van isn't properly strapped down and it moves a lot. Lol

    Would go back as it was money well spent.
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  6. Ps... Had a look at the novatech site and looks like they are a lot more comprehensive.. Tom was very much an old school been there and done that sort of guy.. He could hear and tell what needed doing without all the extra sensor equipment. Suspect my setup was an easy one for him. In the end it was the main jets which were upped and made a huge difference.

    Would be interested to find out tuning costs at novatech... Maybe take my buggy there and see how they get on. That has twin 40s too.
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    I was chief jet changer too :), he's gotta be well into his 70s , still a good chap though
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  8. If you are looking in the South Yorkshire area I can recommend John Sleath Racing Cars at Carr Grange Farm, Snake Lane, Consibrough, Doncaster, DN12 2AQ

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