Ribblehead & The Station Inn

Discussion in 'North Yorks' started by Louey, Oct 30, 2019.

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    I've been here a few times and always enjoyed it, even when they decided not to serve food (a previous landlord told me staff were ill, I later found out he was just a lazy grumpy bugger and hadn't organised staff to be in) and I had to leave as heavy snow was forecast another time :eek
    This time it was sunny, the heater worked and the hospitality in the Station Inn is fantastic.

    I stayed in the pub car park, which is free as long as you ask and at least have a drink. Their food is proppa food, very few items are pre bought out of the freezer. They have a good selection of drinks including their own stout.
    The Station Inn
    Ribblehead, Low Sleights Rd, Carnforth LA6 3AS
    015242 41274

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  2. Love this place. Used to go over it on trains all the time when I was a kid. Didn't know you could stay at the station. [​IMG]

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  3. Under the viaduct is OK but don't take the proverbial, the farmer is a good bloke.
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    We love that area..the plan is to move that way sometime soon, when work quietens down :D
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    They do B&B and have bunk houses too if it is too cold for the camper. :thumbsup:

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  6. The notorious four:D
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    TLB Spring Camp April 2013 :D
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  8. When you wer just a boy :D
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  9. Love the place, camped there a few times myself.

    Great pics everyone.

    Can we have another camp there please? :)
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    There is something that draws you back to that area :)

    We'd be up for a camp too, we wouldn't need asking twice :lol:
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  11. I'd be keen on a group camp there when we get past winter too.. I'm quite far away in London, so I would need to take some time off work, but I would definitely be keen to sleep under them arches.

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