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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Sir Arthur, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Afternoon all. Remember me? Despite all evidence to the contrary I still seem to be a van owner.

    Can anyone recommend a company that will come to Epping, put my van on the back of a truck and drive it to Woodford Green (nine miles) on Tuesday 8th? Or if any Essex locals would like to give me a tow that would be nice too.


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  2. I can recommend someone who's based in Romford although you may find someone cheaper more locally as they won't have the initial drive out to you.
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  3. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    shiply without the "e" i find will be best.
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  4. Please do mate.

    I'm tempted to drive it, knowing that I may have to stop occasionally to let the smoke die down and to top up the oil.
  5. Rob 07880928052

    Mention "ginger" Steve passed on the number
  6. I'm in hackney, happy to help if I can. Got a bay with a tow bar. Monday after about 8pm maybe? I'm out of town Tuesday
  7. Thanks everyone.
  8. Limped the bus there in the end. The cold and wet kept everything smoke free. Let's hope it's a cheap fix.
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  9. Welcome back....
  10. Ta. All done and about to pick it up from Westside. Let's hope - for the first time in over a year - I have a working, drip-free van that can actually get up a hill.
  11. No chance :thumbsup:
  12. Ha! Seems to be. For now.
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  13. Brilliant news, the only none leaker I had blew up :)

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